Is there such a thing?

Is there anything that can be put on a ladder that would prevent scratches on gutters from the edge of the ladder rubbing/moving against gutter when climbing on a roof. I have booties on end of ladder but I always extend past the roof when climbing onto roof. Something that would prevent scratching of the metal on metal ,some sort of cushion maybe, but also something that would not slide off gutter. Any suggestions other than a standoff? Thanks!

The only thing other than a standoff that I can think of would be a tarp draped over the top of the ladder. May be duct tape a bundle of hucks on each rail to give it some padding.

You need a standoff. You put the legs on the roof and don’t touch the gutters. It’s MUCH safer, too.

What Thad said.

In addition to scratching the face of the gutter, resting a ladder against it could dent it or loosen its mounting.

But Thad the lady said other than a standoff. Man you’re pushy. :slight_smile:

Thad, with a standoff does it have to be attached and reattached every time you use it or does it stay attached. Do you just switch it from ladder to ladder? I had one a few years ago that made my ladder so top heavy it was very difficult to maneuver, and wasnt the easiest to put on/off… are there light weight ones? or certain brand you would recommend? thanks.

funny tony…:smiley:

Well if you’re willing to talk standoffs then …
Seriously I use this one -
Works great.

A Werner QuickClick is easily removed and can be used on multiple ladders.

A Werner 97P has a lightweight mount attached to each ladder, with arms that are quickly removed. I purchased one 97P and a second hardware mounting kit for a second ladder.

I used to have one of those clunky wing-nut pain in the butt stand-offs but these days the have quick connect/release ones that weigh less and can be easily switched to other ladders. If it’s a ladder set where the stabilizer isn’t possible I take off my ladder booties (maybe not the right term), drape a long terry cloth over each end and put the booties back on.

In a pinch, tie a towel to the rails with an old rubber, at the point of contact with the gutter.

Hang on a second… let’s see if I can’t take a pic, as I’m not good at descriptions.

Imagine the pole is the point of contact with the gutter.
Obviously you’d have to do both sides, as I only did one but… hopefully you get the point.


I’m pushy because I don’t want to see the lady laying in the bushes with a broken neck. She’s too cute to end up a quadriplegic.
The Werner Quick Click is fast, light, easy, and cheap.

Go buy two of them tomorrow, Sharen, and don’t let me catch you or any employees on a ladder without one attached.

+1 for the stand off
Foam pipe insulation used to keep pipes from freezing works good on sectionals. I imagine it would be too small for a large werner type extension ladder.

Resting the standoff on the roof makes me feel uneasy.

I always feel like they are going to pull the sections apart.

This is what I use. They are light and can be taken off and put on real quick.

I knew that Thad. I was just giving you the business my friend. :slight_smile:

Even with pins?

One can configure the 97P such that the arms are against the building below the gutter or on the too above the gutter.


i think it was on this very forum,a guy in germany mentioned he uses foam pipe insulation,held on with velcro strips to the tops of his ladder. i have been using this for about 6 months and as he said,it grips great on plastic sills . it lasts a reasonable amount of time before tearing . i use about an 18"length

i have also been thinking of using those long swimming floats that kids use when learning to swim,as they seem to be made of a tougher foam. im not sure if they are hollow though