Is this a good way to market my business?

I’ve been looking for more customers lately. I had 1000 half page flyers printed black ink on bright yellow paper. It’s got all information on it like company name, number, commercial and residential hard water removal, etc. also states we do single-time cleanings or can set-up for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever the client is needing. Also have a coupon for 10% off first window cleaning commercial and residential.

I mainly plan to use these in subdivisions/houses but may use some on commercial work. I’ve also got 750 business cards printed out. My plan is to go to businesses and actually talk to the General Manager or Decision maker and hand them my card with an estimate already on the back. Does this sound like a good idea or not? I would put the in/out price, out only price, at bi-weekly rate and ask them to call for a weekly rate if they needed to think about it.

Any other idea I can use to market and get more clients? I’m working on a website at the moment also.

I plan on Marketing my Hard Water Removal and Soap Scum Removal in a separate campain as I feel it would double calls due to some clients only waiting these removed from there showers. This also could open the door for window cleaning with a client that was only wanting hard water removal. Let me know what you all think. and thanks

First off, nice to meet you.

Second- Your flier will tank. You have created an extremely uninteresting and unmotivated offer. How much is 10% off? Percentage off has no value therefore fails. $20 off will beat 20% off even if the 20% is more. People understand $20.

There is flier advice all over this forum so look around (here is a link with solid advice- Flyer Help)

Fliers can bring you as much work as you can handle, take them very seriously. You CANNOT use a flier for both residential and commercial successfully so do not try it.

The business card thing I do not like and here is why- time. Even though you may not be busy yet you do not want to be wasting the day hitting so few prospects.

I would be working on my website and the SEO before pounding the pavement. I would (and did) spend hours upon months figuring out how to get fliers to work. If the flier works, that message/offer works and can be used on everything.

Craigslist has been very good to me this year. Create an interesting ad (see mine in my blog) and generate more funds that way. Do at least 2 different versions to trade off every day. (a website is huge for success here)

Look through the marketing threads here (go back pages) and you will find some interesting ideas.

I would absolutely do a second campaign aimed at hard water/soap scum. Make sure you have an offer (maybe 2 offers- a discount on a window cleaning bundle and a discount or free upgrade)

go get some