It's all about that bass

I really enjoyed this one.


Mind. Blown. Good stuff!

Nice !!! How big is your hard drive ?

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I thought this tread was going to be about this song . LOL

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Totally unrelated sidenote.
I was watching this last night on my phone and tapped the “cast” button by accident- and it went to my Google TV.
(I guess it has a built it chromecast signal for youtube.)

Needless to say it was suddenly blasting out of home theater.
Very cool. :cool:


Great use of the echo.
It reminded me of Eddie VanHalen’s sound towards the end.

[MENTION=12729]JaredAI[/MENTION] from now on if you,re gonna post this kinda stuff you have to supply the weed or give me a heads up at least

I’ve got a lighter somewhere around here. Would that help?

lol. no jared. no it won’t.

Thanks for posting, as a bass player myself I love to see young guys actually learn to play. Nice taping, nice tone. You can tell those are new strings, nice and bright… Time for me to bust out my P bass :wink:

Oooh. You just made me smile.
I was going to make a comment about him playing a Jazz, but wasn’t sure if it would translate.

Incidentally, I learned on my dad’s 64 Precision. (shh…that’s a secret.)

haha! Yeah I almost commented on the Jazz too!
Man, you learned off of your dad’s '64!? How cool is that!!! Don’t worry, I won’t tell him lol
I picked up a nice looking but cruddy Peavey (their Precision copy) and learned my first couple years on that when I was 21. Eventually picked up a Fender and put Bassline Quarter pounders in. Still my favorite, especially with my Tech 21 analog stomp box… Can dial in pretty much any sound I want :slight_smile:

Hard to believe I used to play a couple hours everyday… Seems like a lifetime ago

I totally understand.
I’ve barely touched mine all winter.

Which would seem the most likely time to play it, having the extra time and all.