It's almost Spring!

My rig is ready. (Just organized everything and replaced the teflon on the fittings)
I am ready. (Been hitting the gym all winter long)
Weather in Maryland is just about ready. (This week will be awesome)
I have minimized my spending and everything I have is paid for. (Including my truck)

I wish you all a prosperous 2009 inspite of the realities that we cannot control. I’m gonna chase it when it doesn’t come to me.

Here’s a few pics of my rig. Bring on the spring!

Hopefully I’ll meet some of you in North Carolina in a few weeks at the MWCoA event.

Nice rig Dwight. I’m very jealous. Do you have a DI or a full RODI system? Whichever it is looks like a great set up. I wish the best of luck to you and JENCOR this year.

In the words of a somewhat famous marketing guide here on the WCR,


I’ve got DI Bert. Rented tanks. We’re lucky here in Maryland that the clorine levels are low and the TDS is real low in most instances also. I’m gonna get as much as I can that is for sure! Best of luck to IDOWINDOW also buddy!

The TDS in my area is anywhere between 190-450 ppm on a regular basis. Tis the reason for not jumping whole heartedly in WFP. I’d love to and right now I can afford to buy a system, but I am not sure if I can justify the cost of replacing filters and regenerating beds, etc. etc.

Nose to glass is how I’m gonna keep doing it until I change my mind.

And thanks!

I thought you were using a wfp already Bert. Have you talked to Shawn in terms of remedies to keep costs down and still use them? I would.

It’s true you don’t want to use a straight DI system with TDS like that. However, that’s what reverse osmosis is for. It knocks the TDS down to 3 or 4 ppm, then a DI filter after it knocks it down to zero. And, with proper maintenance, an RO filter can last 1-2 seasons or more, depending on amount of usage, TDS in the water, and size of the RO filter.
When a DI filter is just taking out 3 or 4 ppm, it lasts about as long as the RO filter.

I believe he’d advise an RO/DI system. I’m about to buy one from him. I currently have a 2 stage DI cart. I have 40 ppm TDS in my town. I get about 32 continuous hours of use in my town before I have to change a filter. However, I do work all over, not just in my town.
Just last week I was doing an office building in another town that had 150 ppm coming out of the tap. I burned through 3 new DI filters in that one job in just 2 days.

RO/DI is the way to go in high TDS areas.

BTW, I’ll be selling my DI cart soon. See attached pics. let me know if you’re interested anyone. It’s the original Reach 2 stage DI cart…the first one ever built.
I’m also probably selling my 24 foot Extel hybrid, also pictured.

Nice rig! Sounds like you’re ready. I like the part about hitting the gym! Go get’m.