Its Rain Flow Season!

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[LEFT]Rain Flow now available for $270 a box. That includes shipping right to your door FREE any where in the USA.

We will also break boxes and ship 3 foot increments.

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I’ve been really thinking about trying to push this service this fall

Great video and review, Steve!

I’m looking forward to getting my sample of Rain Flow from Chris and Alex so I can start selling this product and cashing in like you Steve. Nice review.

I’m waiting for my sample, as soon as I get it I’m going door to door with it.

Thanks for the props guys, I had fun making the video. It was a project to help me determine if I could make some vids for my business website and church website. I had fun doing it, and will be making some more for my own site. Since I made that video, I have lost about 15 pounds. It’s motivating to me to watch this because I was at my heaviest ever at that time.

Great video ! I am definitely interested in seeing if I can add this service to my business.

Ok… so it’s easy to install and a profitable service but that doesn’t answer the first question I had… how does it work over the course of time? If the customer is upset a year later because this isn’t satisfactory then the simpicity and profitability matter little.

What happens when it gets clogged with leaves? All gutter guard systems seems to have their issues and I can’t imagine this is the silver bullet but I’m all ears.

You can throw your own guarantee on top of install…

Perhaps: if there is any issue with it with in one year you can touch it up for free.

So far can only tell you that after a year and a half I have only had one customer unsatisfied with the product. The customer has rain flow installed on their house and it works perfect there. But he also has a steel structure with a steep metal roof on his property. In that case, the water was flowing too quickly down the roof and was not seeping into the rain flow. We removed the product and comped the customer some window cleaning and he was happy.

This week alone ACWC has installed about 1,800 feet.

To answer your question, there are no “silver bullets” in any product but in comparison, this is truly one of the best products on the market for the customer and the installer.

There is one better product that I know of but the cost is outrageous and installation a pain. Overall, this beats almost anything else that you can do. By all means DON’T OVERSELL IT to the customer as some magic product but if they are wanting leaf protection, here’s a great product.

Also, the product has a 20 yr warranty from the mfg.

Hey all! first post, been looking around for a while.

Just received my sample of rain flow, looks great and hope I can sell some. How do you guys market this product? Rain Flow also sent me a copy of their fliers that I can have printed w/ my name on them, anyone try these? I’m thinking about trying for some older neighborhoods that have established trees that dump massive amounts of leaves!

What would be a typical price for the install on something like this? Also if you are into gutter cleaning is it worth loosing a cleaning gig for the install of rainflo? I like the product just got my sample today. seams like a good money maker if marketed correctly.

To help evaluate, ask yourself the question, “The profit from how many cleanings equal the profit of one install?”

Not every customer will purchase, but this leads to another (for you) marketing direction.

I think you may helped me clarify my question more. What is the average gutter cleaning per foot price compared to the average rain flow install?