It's time


Glad to hear your starting to get motivated.
Does the truck has his name on it? If not go a head and use it if its ok with him.
Go ahead and grab anything you can in the way of jobs.
You also might want get an engraver to mark your tools, so their won’t be conflict over who owns them.
One other thing I was thinking about, you’ve been talking about potentially buying your boss’s business for some time now. If you tell him you are starting a side business to pick up your own accounts he might figure it really is time for him to finally sell to you. you might find out if he is really serious about that.


Good for you, time take the bull by the horns, or you will always be thinking what if I only…

What BC said is true about your boss might decide it is time to sell you the biz when you let him know your plans.

I had a small business a few years ago, completely unrelated to window cleaning, and my employee said he wanted to either buy me out or he was going to start his own.

He was a much better salesman than I, so I knew I didnt want to go head to head with him. I agreed and sold it to him, there was no bad blood and I still help him out from time to time but I knew it was better to get some money than try to compete for the same customers, plus I was tired of doing that type of work.

He might feel the same.

Good Luck!


I’d be careful how you do your side work.
One of my good friends owns a window cleaning business in my area and we work together sometimes. He has a couple of guys and one had your same thought…“I’ll pick up some side work, get my feet wet”. Well, he didn’t tell his boss and soon he had a little size route. My friend almost fired him…because really that’s dishonesty to your employer. BUT if he would have told him or asked if it was OK to pick up some side work on down time, the boss probably would have said sure…

Don’t be sneaky, be honest…let him know how you feel.

What part of Fl do you live in?

Sounds awesome to me. You can increase your cash flow with the side work and buy all the supplies, computer, truck, ladders etc. you need. When you finally cut loose you’ll have supplies and customers.

don’t ya think that’s kinda dishonest if he just leaves and takes his bosses customers? That’s just what I understand the phrase “cut loose” to mean.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Ya, if he steals his boss’s customers, he should be fired on the spot. I’m talking about building up his own following on his days off. When he is making more on the side than he’s making at his job he can quit. I think Kenny said his boss is cool with Kenny’s plan. [/FONT][/COLOR]

yeah, I hope it works out.



If you want “kenny” to be in peoples heads, then use Kenny in the name of the business.

There’s this roofing guy named Tim Sanders (Sanders Roofing) around here, so whenever I hear the words “Tim”, “Sanders” or “Roofing” I think of this guy

I like Kenny better than Coastal too. People know you, they have never heard of Coastal.


If you are confident that your boss is going to sell out his business to you in the near future, I would be a little cautious on the moonlighting thing. It will definately put a bad taste in his mouth if you are going behind his back (if this is the case). I would express interest in buying what he has on some sort of percentage type business deal. He just may go for it. You dont want to jepeordize the relationship by doing “side work”. If you do end up cutting a deal with him, you will be [B]“LIGHT YEARS AHEAD”[/B] in business success. If he fires you for doing side work, you may get some of his work but surely not alot of it. Its just a customer loyalty thing. Customers dont want to be in the middle of a business dispute. It will be a struggle of a lifetime. You will have to most likely find a stable job and do your own thing on the side to make ends meet. Alot of it also depends on your drive for success too. Just my thoughts and opionion.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]If you like the name Coastal because it is more professional, you’re right it is. Perhaps putting your name right under Coastal Window Cleaning would be the best of both worlds.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Some guys have a picture of themselves on the business card. That might work well for you. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I’ve been in business for about three years now and when I hand out my card people smile and say “Oh I’ve seen your card before, or my friend uses your service.” If I had my logo on my shirts it would be even better. If my photo was on there it would really be good for recognition. MHO:rolleyes:[/FONT][/COLOR]