I've said it before....and I'll say it again

I gave away a window cleaning a couple of weeks ago to an auction to benefit the Children’s Hospital in my area.

Today I did the job. The owner of the home happened to be the largest property manager in my area. He wants me to clean the windows in all of his properties about once a year. He manages 380 properties.

The last auction I did I managed to do the job for the Vice President of a local hospital and I picked up the hospital once a year.

I have said it before and I will say it again…give to charities. It will cost you money up front but the reward will come back many times over.

That my friend is SWEET! Congrats !


How do you give to charities, do you just call them up and offer to give them a coupon for $xxx worth of services??


Actually, they contact me. However, there is nothing wrong with approaching them.

I just give away a free window cleaning. No dollar amount. Some may say that it’s not good to leave it an open and put a dollar amount on it. My experience has been that I give it away for free…and the bigger the better. Those that get the free cleaning always become repeat customers. Let’s face it, the people giving money away at charitable auctions have disposable income, and they are my target demographics.

Additionally, I have received calls from others at the auction, but did not win the free cleaning. They were impressed that I was giving to charities and hired me based on that premise.

Great thread!!!

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I agree, no dollar amount is way better. Is it for a free residential window cleaning (any size home) or just free whatever they want cleaned, it would suck to get a 20,000 sq ft commercial building…

Hmm I do need 50 hours of community service signed off from a “non profit org” by December for the court (not going to happen) maybe they would sign it off if i give them enough free service… probably not though

We have done the same with very great results. Not only repeat customers, but they all come with great repeat referrals, who all have more than one property! Then the list just grows from there like a giant tree of awesome referrals with ever growing branches.

This is a golden marketing program, plus you feel good.

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I’ve been doing charity work with my business consistently for the last 15 years. Good stuff

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I’ve had to put a dollar amount in every donation I’ve ever made, especially for tax purposes. I’ve always been given a form from the organization, and they’ve always asked for a dollar amount. Even if I’m giving away a free cleaning.

Maybe it’s different in my neck of the woods.

Glad you got some extra work out of it.

Great idea. Thanks,

Great thread Bailey.

I donate a window/ gutter cleaning package to a silent auction at my kids school and achieve long term customers. The word spreads and I gain newbies. It’s just a win/ win all around. I’m also finishing off my term as president of a local Kiwanis chapter. Kiwanis International - Global Volunteer Organization.

For a small annual fee you can be a member and run events with other motivated volunteers to raise money for kids who need help.

Great thread.

Giving back to the communities we serve can result in immense rewards for both our companies and spirit.

I have managed to weasel my way into some kind of charity auction about once a month. It is good and it works

Joining your local Chambers of Commerce can present opportunities to donate or sponsor local and or national charities. That is how we got involved in giving back to the communities we serve. The returns for you or your company can be tremendous.