IWCA Convention 2011

Just saving the spot. See yall there.

No link to the information?

There are other threads. It’s in FLA next February.

If I can get away, I’ll come down and check it out. I went to the one they had in Orlando way back in the 90’s

Orlando was 1990 (and again in 2005.)

I was there in 1990. Got to meet some of my heroes in the business, Tommy Tucker, Mr Unger, I have known Marty for years, I even got to meet his Dad when I had my business in Ft. Lauderdale in the 1980’s

I will be there.

I’m looking forward to showing off various products we are making for different companies in the industry.

The new EZ Pure system
The new R4 110v carts
The new vehicle based tank systems
and so much more

See you there and looking forward to your van mount systems. Let’s have coffee

John Lee Window Cleaning
Maryville TN
865 310 0728

That sounds good. I’d love that.

I get in on Tuesday.

Who else from the WCR community can I look forward to running into in Tampa next month?

Chris and I are really excited to get away from the snow for a few days and see some of you.

We definitely would like to get a dinner going one night. WCRA members are doing a get together, we should combine them and get everyone together. Maybe Wed or Thurs night?

My nights are booked, but you guys have a good time!

That sounds awesome. I will be ariving on Sat but I will be in orlando untill Tue. I am down any time after that! Hopefully someone will find the place with Dollar beers like atlanta, you know, for networking…

I’m down…Getting in Tuesday evening…See you all Then

I’m getting in Tuesday evening and I’m thinking dinner on Wednesday night would be the awesome.

AHHHHH good times!!! Atlanta was FUN!!!

For those going to the convention we have a special “fun finder” set up… Youll see when you get there… it going to be fun :wink:

Basically there will be WCR dinners / get togethers … Tues - Friday night…

I can’t wait! Last year in Reno was so much fun! I know that I have a bunch of meals set up already, but I am sure I will see you all at the bars! FYI, if you see me with a drink in hand and you are wearing a GlassRenu shirt I will put a drink in yours! For the first 25 each night.

woah… ATL dollar beers were the best thing about that place.

Are there GlassRenu shirts in the Returning Customer store yet?