J-Flint (Tricks for removing hard water from the corners of windows?)

I just recently started doing hard water removal as an add on service to my regular window cleanings. I’ve been using the J-Flint Power Buffer system, and it’s working awesome!
However, the buffing wheel doesn’t reach so well into the corners of the window panes, and I’ve had some windows that have such extensive build-up, that hand scrubbing them takes forever! I’ve been using my scraper and a steady stream of water, but this too is fairly time consuming.

What do you guys do to get those corners clean in a timely manner? Time is MONEY!
Also, what do you charge/sq. ft. ?

The system works great though for the main panes though!

For small corners I have always used magic erasers, I don’t think it takes up much time at all. On average I don’t charge by sq ft. I normally charge $10 to $30 a window for hard water stains.

dont have the kit yet but i be the dremmel multi max would do the trick

I just booked a $1500 glass resto job today by using a quick demo of jFlint! (money!) For the corners, they do provide a block and pad. If that doesn’t work, it might be worth trying a chemical like CC550 or the like. Maybe, try rubbing it in with your fingers as a last resort?

T[SIZE=3]he thing is you need pressure in the corners yes.

Use a tool similar one that was suggested to clean tracks.

Use a white pad around the edge plenty of pressure and gets right in where it is needed.


[SIZE=3]Or you could use Oscillating machine with a sanding pad and attach a white pad that has Velcro on it.


Or you could forget the machine all together and do it with this.