Jaret's Big Window Cleaning Show Episode #2


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good video.

You need to tell the young man that is windowcleaner.com not windowcleaningresources.com…LOL

Well done Jaret! I love the Ettore Sidekick. Remember black is the new black!:wink:

i prefer the Unger old school boab

Pulex detachable is where its at for me!

i just had flashbacks to my dad making me clean windows when I was his age or I wasnt allowed to eat dinner at night. :frowning: Thank God I didnt have to be the salesman too! Hey is Jaret working for anyone right now? I need to replace one of my guys.:rolleyes: Ah yes, a young mind to form into a window cleaning genius.

Good stuff Jaret. I still haven’t given the Ettore Sidekick a run. Maybe this winter, stay tuned.

One tip for you with these videos. It’s good to discuss with the camera person (I guess it’s your mom or dad) what you want to highlight (show) in the different parts of your videos so they know where to point the camera.

Maybe you should hire Mrs.Squeegee. She’s a true professional on the Steady Cam and will work for scale…from what I’ve been told.:wink:

From what I’ve been told, mistersqueegee had her sign a non-compete…

Actually I have her on a lifetime contract!:wink:

yeh i know i screwd up

Jaret my man! No sweat you are doing an amazing job!! Keep them coming!

What you’re doing takes guts. A lot of guys won’t go on video and do their thing because they are nervous about what to say, how to move, etc. Keep em coming. :wink:


[SIZE=“6”]Who is this kid!!??[/SIZE]

He’s awesome!!! I only wish I was that smart…EVEN NOW!

Kid, if you are reading this…keep it up. Youre gonna be doin’ big things man.
Mom, high five! (good job):wink:

Jaret, I like the wink at the end. I think that should be your trademark move at the end of every vid


yeh thats what chris and alex said in one of their videos. She needs some work at being steady.


Jaret, how are you my young friend?