Jet Rack

Does anyone use the JETRACK or can give me feedback on these? We don’t have anything similar in Yurup. I’m just fed up with having the steps in the way in the back of the van & was thinking of sticking them on the internal roof.
Any other hints or tips of making my own or other solutions would be great. I don’t have space to put them on the inside of the walls of the truck & my roof rack already is full. Thanks.

Jason Klovansky and Seth Fensterstock both use that or similar brands.

I noticed that it specifically said fiberglass ladders. Does that mean it wouldn’t work w/ the Little Giant?

Man, at first I read the title of the thread “Jet Pack”. I thought I was going to open a thread about someone using a jet pack to clean windows.

I do have a similar product, it’s called the Ladder Keeper.

I love it. I keep my 6’ step ladder on it, but it can carry extension ladders too. Not sure about Little Giant Ladders. Maybe a short one extended.

Depending how long your interior space is will determine how tall of a ladder will fit. I can only get up to an 8’ ladder, but if I bought an extension piece (and didn’t have a divider) I would be able to fit a 12’ ladder on it.

I also have shelving on both interior side walls so I don’t think anything wider than an 8’ step ladder base would fit.

The one I have seems to be a much heftier price then the Jet Rack though.