Jews recognise Texas as seperate country

My son came home today from Jewish day camp with this flier. Tomorrow is International Day and his bunk is supposed to dress up like the country they represent. His country is Texas.

I think it’s appropriate since they also recognize “Aliens from Outer Space” and “Mexicans” Sounds like the Texas I know and love!

I’m sending him to Mexican camp next week. My wife and I alternate his cultural education. :slight_smile:

Manuel, are you going to have his Bar Mitzvah in Tijuana? That would be awesome!!!

:DIts going to be hard to see his yamucha (spelling) under his sombrero:D

GREAT IDEA!! The theme will be “Torah and Tequila”!!!

Everyone is invited. (Seven more years.)

It could be a moneymaker for you. There.s a lot of glass in Tijuana and cheap labor!!!

Perhaps Manuel could bring home a souvenir disease or two.

Maybe the entertainment could be the infamous “donkey show” then he’s guaranteed a disease or two at least!!! BTW I think that “donkey show” might just be code word for Kidnapping!

It’s not. :wink:

We will be serving kosher fajitas. Bring your own wine. Trust me.

One of the reasons I fell in love with my JAP. (Jewish American Princess)

yeah, we J.A.P"S are always thinking about how our men can make us more $$$!

You are right!? I never noticed it before. I always thought It was my idea, but it was her making me think it was my idea. For eight years. I never even considered it. I blame my mother-in-law.

By the way I have yet to have a matzo ball better than my mother-in-laws.

I did say that was ONE of the reasons I love my gal. There are others.

Hey man, I made it out of there ok… I think