JOb lead Titusville FL

[B]Our Lead service is not quite yet completely set up yet… but here is one that came in:[/B]

First Name

Last Name

Email Address: don’t have one

Address 2765 Knox McRae Dr.

City Titusville

State FL


Any Other Services You May offer. Need my home pressure cleaned and windows cleaned in the next couple of weeks, have family coming down soon.

I hope you’re not mad, but I did this to test the service…:slight_smile:
Wanted to see the response and wanted to see how lead distributing went.

Thanks Chris for the fast response, I now know that it would be a FAST lead generator.
won’t happen again.

I was actually impressed. Service Magic and other lead systems can give you leads that are days old and may been already been given to other people.
I put this in last night, and POP!, I wake up and check, and there on the forum is a lead…nice.

I haven’t really advertised it yet so I was wondering how a potential customer got it.

how are you going to advertise it?

I can not reveal that yet.

I’ll keep it a secret:cool:

No you wont… you do weird stuff like submit fake leads…:smiley:

OHHH!!! thanks :smiley:

You have a PM :wink: