Job tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I have a scratch glass removal job. I will be using my SRP machine. Do many of you provide this service? If so, what do type of machine do you use?? I know here in New Jersey there is no one in my area that does anything other than replace glass.

What is a SRP machine?

Its a machine used to remove scratches from glass surfaces.

Do you use the SRP mostly for residential or commercial accounts?

So far mostly residential, but it can really be used anywhere. Only hang up is it cant be used on tempered glass.

Why not on tempered glass Chris?

Im sorry Tony I mis spoke. I meant to say you cant use to remove fabricating debris scratches from tempered glass.

No problem Chris I just wanted to know all the gory details.:smiley: Is it a profitable gig for you?

[FONT=Tahoma]Yeah so far its not to bad. I would say its profitable if you can park your self at one location and work on a bunch of scratches all day. If you have to run around to multiple locations doing one scratch at time its not so hot. There is allot of breakdown and set up time.[/FONT]

You can use it for removing fabricating debris scratches the only down fall is…you may dislodge other fines in the process.

I know from talking to Dan Fields about it!

So do you need to spend more time to make sure you’ve gotten all the debris off? Or is that not an option?

Oh I had no idea that could be done. It makes since that it would make the problem worse though.

I had great success removing two very large scratches from a large transom window this afternoon. The scratches were both about the 2 feet long. The whole process took me about 30 min. Customer was happy and I was on my way.

I’m still curious to know the answer.

Hell to all

SRP Glass Restoration offers a revolutionary process that allows you to remove scratches quickly, cleanly, cheaply and on-site. SRP™ Glass Restoration works excellently on all types of glass including tempered, annealed, plate, laminated, insulted and even mirrored! The system even works on curved glass and can maneuver around corners and edges.

Thanks for reading

Anyone can copy-and-paste, alvin47.

What do you really know about an SRP?

Larry are you speaking from experience?

To what do you refer, Steve?

Yes Steve, how dare you ASK ??? :smiley: :smiley: