We are continuing to sweeten up some of our member discounts with some of our partners. Anyone have any user feedback on the Jobber software? Ideally, we’d love to hear some testimonials and positive feedback from people! Of course, constructive criticism can be just as useful. More info on the new and improved discount soon!

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I’m currently with HCP. A couple of months ago I tried out Jobber I was impressed with several things (the best integration with Responsibid!), but they didn’t import past job history from QuickBooks online which is huge to me. It’s an ala cart type CRM. QuickBooks integration $5/month, accept credit cards $5/month, etc. it can add up quickly. Around a $100 a month for three users with. A lot less if you pay annual up front.

When I asked about the WCRA discount, they mentioned it was 15% of per month for the first year. Is that changing?

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is changing! All new members signing up will now receive 15% off for life rather than just the first 12 months.


That’s great! When our subscription is up with HCP; we’ll try them out again.

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I just went through an online demo today and am impressed with the offerings. As mentioned it’s a la cart for their offerings, but appears to be a reasonable based on what it provides.

I’m going to spend the next several days working on getting it setup and test drive the functionality.

Complete side note but not really… I just noticed that Jobber got a nice big booth at this years Convention.


I didn’t realize there is a yearly convention and it’s in one of my favorite cities. Thanks for passing along the link.

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Hey Chris. Ya, we did! This will be our first time at the Huge Convention and we’re looking forward to it.


Excellent so glad you are coming :grinning:

I hope you can make it. This years event is going to be really great.


Epic :sunglasses:

Right on. I saw that you have speaking slots available. Who would I get in touch with to possibly get a session on the schedule? I’d be interested in doing a best practice share session.

Here ya go - just fill this out →

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@Jobber Do you see converting complete past job history from QuickBooks online on the roadmap for the future? This is a something that HouseCall pro does. We were considering and still are thinking of switching to Jobber, but not having having the last job info along with price was a no go for us.

Glad to see some interest and feedback! We were able to finalize a more appealing discounts for our members! Members will now receive a 15% discount for life - instead of just the first year.

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As a follow up – I went ahead and signed up for Jobbr after the initial trial period. They were great to work with as I came onboard and insured that I was up and running quickly. So far it has worked like a charm and the scheduling + invoicing is excellent.

Adding employees was no problem at all and Jobber has worked great for assigning jobs.

One small hiccup was getting the WCRA discount associated with my account. Sent an email and they credited back my credit card within 24 hours.

All and all well worth the amount paid!