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Hectic schedule? Slammed with work? Never Fear John Lee is here.

Stop by and say hi to John for all your window cleaning supply needs.

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Boy, I hope @John is being compensated really well for this… :smiling_imp:

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So if I am getting nervous because my order isn’t here, can I call and vent?

I sometimes get all worried at 3 AM when I am waiting on tools. :grinning:


I get calls from HI, CA and Alaska almost every night. There after work office time is early AM EST so it’s the most convent time for them


John, you are a good guy. You are more willing to take calls at any given time, more than I would be.

Glad it’s working well for you.

Take a look at this YouTube video. None other that @John answers the call!


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Yes just give me a minute to get my wits about me I may be dreaming about
the Wash It Pro


Talk about a wet dream!

so I can call you at 11 pm my time John?

Real deal. Both times I called John from Alaska after my midnight. it was early AM for him and he squared me away. Both times I had just finished loooong shifts, but in spite of my addled state of mind he was super helpful.


@John might know poles, but he knows RO/DI too.

Thanks for the help this morning John.

You are more than welcome glad I could help

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