Jonathan Hood Passed Away Weds 11/24/10

I got a call tonight letting me know that Jonathon had passed away Weds. He was such a great guy. He was only 38 years old, and to my understanding they do not know the cause. I always enjoyed my time spent with Jon and his family will need lots of support, and prayers. He has a 2 year old son Gabrial, and a 13 year old daughter, Shannon. His wife is Jennifer. Visitation is tomorrow from 2-8pm @ Desmond & Sons Funeral Home (2600 Crooks Road. Troy MI 48084) The funeral is Monday @ 10:00Am at the same location.
I haven’t met anyone yet with more passion for our industry the Jonathon. He put his heart and soul into this industry. He also had a great love for his business and his workers. I just can’t beleive he is gone. It is so sad.

That’s very sad news. I only met him once but he definitely came across as a genuinely nice guy.

RIP Jonathon.

You will certainly be missed.

The irony is, I used to service that funeral home (it’s about 3 miles form my house)… now I find myself only going there for funerals.

I will go and pay my respects, tomorrow… and pass along all of yours.

Detroit has now lost 4 window cleaners recently…
[INDENT]Steve Lemanski
Dwayne King
Darcy King
Jonathan Hood[/INDENT]

VERY sad news indeed… Jonathan really loved the industry and a lot of the ideas I use today came from him…

Too young.

RIP. Praying for the family.

Sad news indeed! Jonathon, thank you for all the great ideas, and a big thanks for making me raise my game to reach the highest standards of company Image you set on yourself - I’m truly a better business man because of you.

I will miss the friendly rivalry we had going… rip

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on this. The company is alive and well!

We dearly miss our leader and friend but will continue to be everything he wanted us to be!