Joomla anyone?

Hi there

quick simple question for those who work on your own websites.

Have you used Joomla ?

Looking at it right now and seems nice and easy to use.


Actually I was just looking at that a couple of weeks ago… for a website I want to build.

Its free right?

What are you gonna do with it Carlos?

Yeah Chris, it is free.

I’m playing with it a little bit in order to get some practice and work on my websites, I have rust all over me, haven’t designed nothing in over 6 years.

I’ll keep you posted since I’ve been finding some interesting resources and tools for it.

Please keep us posted. I"m interested in learning more about Joomla.

Nothing new so far, I was looking at Wordpress too, but haven’t made a decision yet.

I run a small window cleaning business in Visalia, CA. I took several courses on Dreamweaver Cs4 for site design before I got involved with window cleaning and happened to stumble across Joomla at the time. Check out my site @ and let me know if you have any questions. Setting up is ALWAYS the hard part. What’s great is that with Joomla’s functionality, you’re able to set up databases and other really tough to learn JavaScript that you normally can’t with your typical HTML editing programs. For ex. I was able to setup a Client and Employee database in about a week. Clients find it very professional. I’m somewhat new to this industry of window cleaning and have a whole lot learning to do. Let me know if you might be interested in bartering?

oh, you can also email me at [email protected].