Just a little dirty

Here’s some pics of a place I pwed today.

a trailer home?

Yep. Here they call em manufactured homes. This one’s 16x80.

Hey Tony, do you downstream your chemicals, x-jet or pump sprayer ?
What kind of machine do you use ?

If you run into these jobs often I can give you a few tips if you want to.
Other guys here that I know that have lots of PW miles on them are Thad and Micah … probably some other but those are the ones that I come across the most.

1st pic is funny though, because if you’re washing from the top down lookes great, if washing from bottom up looks like you’re removing the paint :slight_smile:

good job Tony

Hey Tony,

Nice Pics. Do you do alot of Pressure Washing? My company does a ton of it. We generally PW up to 3 stories without ever getting on a ladder. It’s all about extension wands and laser tips, my own creation :O)

Charlie Laurie
Slidell La.

Laser tips?

What did you drill out a 0 degree tip Charlie?

Thanks Carlos. The shutter is being done top down. It was covered in algae. I didn’t use chems just the pwer. I have a small set up just a 2500psi 2.5gpm machine. I don’t do alot of pwing but am looking at getting an x-jet to make those 3 story houses a little easier.

I used to work for a big maintenance company here in Houston, I was in charge of 13 guys and we were dedicated to only ONE account, fast food chain.

Learned a lot but they used propietary chemicals and methods, not a lot you can apply in residential from there.
My advice (giving advice now lol) is that you read a lot and practice in family or friends houses until you get the hang of it. it’s really easy but confusing when getting started.

www.pressurewashinginstitute.com and www.ptstate.com are my favorite forums about PW’ing, lots of people willing to help, and lots of experienc there.


No, I went to the local PW shop about 4 or 5 years ago and the guy was talking to me about the xjet tip. He showed me how to use it, and I told him it was too much of a hassle to have to have a hose hooked to my tip and only be able to move around a few feet, plus those things are super expensive for a tip ($100 to $150.00 for some of them). So I put together a regular screw in plug with a tip with a 0040 orifice, and WALLA, I can bleach up to 30 ft or so with this thing!!

After I did that I said what if I do the same thing witha 0013 tip, I did that and now I can rinse up to 30 ft. with it.

We use these tips on every single PW job. It makes it so much more convenient than having to go up and down a ladder. A few years back, Thad (who is on this board and worked for me for about 3 years), and I did 4 buildings that had a soffit height of about 28 feet and then dormers all the way around, it was grey stucco and was filthy green with mildew, utilizing these tips we didn’t have to get on the first ladder.

Now with all things there are limitations, if we have a mud diver nest that is way up there and we can’t get enough pressure we’ll usuall put up the ladder to get it off, but I’d say about 95% of the 2 & 3 story homes that we do, we never have to ladder at all. Then when you’re finished PW, you come back with your WFP to clean the windows with no ladder, and man you’re feeling real good!!!

(I just call them laser tips, because it shoots out such a straight narrow stream of water)

Windowman , so Thad is all your fault, uh ? :slight_smile:

I guess so!:slight_smile:

He worked for me for about 3 years , and then went up to Hattiesburg Mississippi to branch out on his own. From what I see and hear I think he’s doing very well for himself. I wish him all the best, we parted ways on excellent terms.

I’ve seen his pic on here - I think he left to get dental coverage.:eek::D:D;)

Now that’s FunnY


yes, it was.