Just bought a trailer, no clue what next


So I recently bought a small 4x6 trailer and I have no idea as to how to set it up. I want to install different shelves, d-rings to tie down ladders, ect., but all of the walls are lined with this cheap quarter inch wood that I could poke a hole through. Do I line the walls with a strong ply wood? And if so, does anyone have links with how tos?

Also, am I supposed to add a finish to the floor? Right now it’s a plain plywood. I feel like it will get damaged up pretty quickly from sliding ladders in and out.

I’m a completely new trailer owner and don’t have much experience with this stuff, so any help/tips are appreciated!


You might want to get a welder to build a frame on the outside of it to hang ladders.

Congrats on the new trailer!

Check out this category it has alot cool idea for vechical and trailer setup maybe it will give you some slick ideas!

what will you use it for?

It will be used to carry my window cleaning stuff which includes ladders/buckets/ect. The only ladders I use are sectionals and little giants so I won’t need a rack (yet).

I would like to have a way to tie down my ladders, and was thinking about different bins/shelves for clean and dirty towels. Just need general storage and organization really

I’d guess the 1/4" ply is tied down to something. If you see zip ties, or something of the sort, you may have D-rings behind the ply. If it’s factory, I’d find a logo or label to contact the company to figure out how to mount shelving and to secure other items.

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