Just gettin started

Hello everyone. Let me say I’ve learned so much from the short time I’ve been on this site. Let me cut to the chase. I’m starting my own window cleaning business and would like some suggestions as how to compete with the “big dogs” in town. I’m finding it kind of hard getting things going. I’ve only done a couple of residential jobs. Would love some regular commercial stuff though. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

Also, how do you prove to a potential client know you can do as equal or bettter job than the current cleaners?

dont do it rout work is a pain the glass

Thanks for replying. Pardon my ignorance…route work? Is this commercial work? (Sorry still new and learning the lingo) How so?

Commercial work that is done very regularly and is put in a route, imagine a paper route.

Anyhow they are usually retail stores that are done once a week, biweekly or every four weeks, or once a month. They are organized into a route, a schedule so that you can do these jobs, some of which can be very small, in the least amount of time, and the most productive way possible.

Good money can be made with commercial work. One key to have a succesful route is to charge decent minimums. YOu could have a lot of jobs but without charging a good minimum price you wont meet your hourly target.

Awesome! Thanks for the tips.

We call buildings commercial, storefronts that go on a schedule route, and residences are self explanitory. If you want medium and large buildings (commercial) contact the Facilities manager. Storefronts go door to door. Residences use fliers and direct marketing. That’s how you compete with the big dogs. Good Luck!

The best tip I can give is - Don’t try to compete w/ the big dogs! Offer an exceptional service at a fair price and glean everything you can from the marketing guys here!

look and act professional, be personable, get the customer to like you,do a great job and word gets around…a lot of my biz is referrals. When I 1st started out I hit a lot of neighborhoods w/door hangers and it worked very well, be patient,jobs will come.I personally dont mind route work, easy ,quick money.Go after commercial accts, if theres a new blding going up, i’m there asking for the business, even if some comm accts have a wc already ask if you can give a bid. Dont underbid to get the job, its not worth it. Good luck, BTW …like the name :smiley:

When you decide to go the way of route work you have to choose volume or margin. Do you want more jobs or more profit per job? Volume will get frowned upon by some as it means you may be poisoning the pool, so to speak.


I worked for a very successful volume based company for years. They are still going strong. Yes they do have some internal issues due to low pay.

Me personally, margin. I do not want to work myself into the ground.

Unless you are going after larger commercial you are FAR better off going after residential. The margins kill normal route work and it is FAR easier to get work.

Just realize you will never have both volume and margin. Best to decide now

p.s. don’t be patient! get your arse out there and book your schedule

Again, thanks to all for your help! You guys and gals are awesome.

I think commercial work is slightly over-rated & probably where all new starts venture first. I think commercial can be low priced & therefore volume close together & cheapness will be needed. Unless of course you go for the high end market i.e. Ferrari etc. Love it or hate it, commercial can also be your “bread & butter” work come the lean months, but for a single worker they never seem to be that profitable unless they are high end customers. Except for the high end commercial I have, the only benefit is getting seen out & about by potential clients - so make sure that truck is sign written!