Just got some new "toys"

i received today gg4, a channel called a squidgee (looks like a sorbo i think) and a wagtail high flyer and wagtail swipe.
haven’t tried the gg4 yet.
the squidgee channel looks interesting, i’ve never had a wide body before.
the wagtails actually seem to be toys, the channels are plastic,the CHANNELS are plastic !!! thin weak chinsy plastic, both are warped, neither can put any amount of pressure on except at the center 2 inches. on the swipe the rubber is cut almost a 1/4 inch short and looks like a little kid did it with a dull knife!
this is my first wagtail purchase and i am kind of stunned by the low quality.

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Wow. Is the squidgee a wagtail product?


Sorry misread the post. I thought ylu.ment the squidgee channels were plastic not the Wagtail. I hear good things about wagtail and then bad. I’m on the fence

New Toys - And I just got my “Mr Hardwater” kit. Bought it for a job, the job is iffy at this point yet
I know I’ll put to good use anyway.


Let me know how to you like the stuff when you go back for a repeat clean. I used it on a customer’s house and it did minimize the water stains but it also made the glass about 1000% less slippery for cleaning.

ya i still have to get the ggglide, no one in north mexico had any.

Sorry I was talking about the Mr Hardwater treatment for glass surface. GG4 has a decent slip as long as you’re not using dog-eared channels.

… Did you seal it afterwards?

seal it with bacon fat

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I personally don’t use Wags anymore but I will say the Wagtail PC I purchased in 2012 totally transformed my workflow. The concept of single point free pivot was genius (and later attached wash Flipper pad) and no one can take that honour away from Willie. Unfortunately his more complicated designs tend to be too DIY bolt together and initially disappoint. I haven’t purchased any of his latest design, and probably won’t but once again there is a kernel of genius in there with the dual pivot. Executed correctly this could be ergonomic heaven on either short or long pole… keep us up with the play on how you go with it Ken. Marcus has put up an excellent and comprehensive review on it, the good, bad and indifferent over three parts. Really worth checking out.


ya i liked the idea of the double pivot and it is fine. it just looked like and i assumed it to be an aluminum extrusion. the plastic of the sgeegee/scrubber is sufficient to wet the glass but not to scrub.
i mixed up a quart of gg4 to try and holy crap what a tiny amount 2 ml, had to use a medicine syringe. just tried it on a couple of my own. certainly enough slip for a reg ettore brass. although no going back you’ve got to stay on wet glass.

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Yes, with this. Even with a sloppy, soapy sheet on the glass my squeegee squealed like a stuck pig.

But let me know how it works for you. Maybe different glass will behave differently.

I use MHW sealer annually on most of my resi route due to continued hard water exposure. Ive had to modify my approach to cleaning due to the incredibly decreased slip immediately after sealing. One thing ive found in working with it is using a good combo of towels. I use a 3 step - once over with scrim on edges(main water absorbtion, used to use hucks) / tightknit microfiber(i use 24x32 unger so just have to use 1) for edge (any leftover water drops and to clear the haze from edge ) / tightknit micro(also a 24x32 unger) for center haze (i don’t want any water on this one so the 2 previous towels make sure of that). That helps me use light pressure and clear the window as easily as possible in a short amount of time.

Basically what Ive found is less water/soap is better on the final cleaning or subsequent cleanings. I used to try more solution like in Jeff’s instructional videos but that usually made it worse trying to squeegee haha. Now a squirt bottle helps get a light strip down the washer and you want just enough water where it doesn’t run down the glass but just forms a thin sheet across it (my next quarter is mid-Jan so maybe Ill do a vid to demonstrate)

Since using it over the past 4 yrs that’s what Ive come up with to help with slip issues. With the initial clean and probably even the 2nd cleaning if done before 6 months, a touch-up tightknit microfiber is usually needed for light streaks (usually by my 3rd cleaning/quarter its “broke in” enough to squeegee as normal). But I will say that a sealed piece of glass accepts a microfiber so much better than a nonsealed one in my experience (as far as leaving a “visible” haze or any marks)…i have plenty more info on it so feel free to ask but hope any of that could help with the natural frustrations from loss of glide :slight_smile: (sorry if this was offtopic of thread)

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