Just sold the biggest house EVER

We have a local area in town with extremely old and huge homes. This particular home has very large storms, removable from the outside only by tilting up and unhooking them. Some 2 story, some 3.

It also has colonial cut-ups under the storms, being double-hung.

All in all, my price came in just under $1600. They will be calling this week to schedule. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(This is also an area where once you are in, you are in. Everyone will use you.)

This is a very good example of creating your own market. Of all of the local window cleaners I have talked to, none will even touch these types of homes. This caused my pricing structure to change drastically, in a good way.

I expect this home to take 2-3 days with me and 1 other guy (mainly me).

I LOVE when that happens :slight_smile: Get 'em!

That’s great Ryan. Good job.