Just started window cleaning

hi my name is harry i have just signed up to this forum
and i was wondering if you could help.
i know it sounds crazy but i am 11 years old and i have a window cleaning buisness
my local window cleaner saw me cleaning my mums front window and said that in the summer holidays he would take me with him on his round. I would do the botttom windows and he would do the top windows he also said he would pay me. i bet you are thinking that i just use a sponge well you are wrong i have all the best window cleaning equipment i have a pulex bucket on a belt a pulex squeege with ettore rubber a ettore scrape master and scrim and some microfiber clothes i also have pouches to store my little things and a 12 ft pole i got all of this brilliant equipment from active cleaning supplies it is a great shop i advise you to go and get some equipment from there. my own little buisness doesn’t seem to be going anywere because evrybody thinks its just a joke so if you know how to get my window cleaning buisnes going please email me at my buisness email wich is proactionwindowcleanig@hotmail.co.uk
PLEASE HELP !!!:slight_smile:
THANKS in advance Harry

Welcome, Harry!
I can’t say that there is an easy way to break into the business when you’re eleven. Plenty of twenty, thirty, or forty-year olds have a rough go of it, sometimes. One advantage that you have is that you don’t have to make living expenses before you invest back into your business.

You’re going to have to find people who own houses that you can handle by yourself and that don’t mind having a young guy do the work. Start scoping out lonely grandmothers!

I don’t know what it takes to operate legally in the UK but I would suggest doing whatever you can to make your business a legitimate one.

Harry has a great vocabulary for an 11 year old. Hang in there kid and never quit.

by the time you are 20 you will be a force to be reckoned with in the U.K. and an inspiration to all teenagers who think the world is at their personal disposal.
As Thad and Art said, slowly but surely and don’t give up.

thanks thad
i will keep trying and what do you think of tools i will try and post some pics of my equipment so you can see if i have got the full benifit
of window cleaning. My Mum is pleased with me because i do all here windows for her, ha ha
how did you get a user pic ?

thanks art
i am only in year 6

i wont give up and never will do you reckon when im older and i have a window cleaning buisness will i be able to get a house of my own because i here window cleaning is a low payer

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Hows it going Lil’ Harry??!!
You keep up the hard work little man! You are already smarter than the majority of us on here- when I was your age I was doing stuff nowhere near what you are doing. You have found the greatest source of information there is, this forum. You keep at it, don’t you worry about people thinking its a joke. Do your homework on your business, and find new and innovative ways to get your job done safely and efficiently.

Use your imagination, and creativity- put it to work for your business and I am sure you will be teaching US a thing or 2 about the biz. Work hard young man, there is no limits except for what you set in your own mind. You have found the key to freedom from having a regular job like most of the population, now take that key and polish it up- you will be unlocking doors you never dreamed you would see.

Hi Harry…[B]Be careful[/B] is my advice…thats my “mom” voice talking. Good for you to take the initiative to find something to make money.Ive had ALOT of 20 & 30 yrs olds who worked for me who didnt want to work. Hopefully people will give you a chance, because of your age they may dismiss you before they give you a chance. Can you get liability insurance and all thats required at 11? or is the biz in someone elses name?

Good point. Too many young people think the world owes them an easy living.

Hey Harry, nice to meet you.

Age can be your biggest advantage… I was 16 when I started my window cleaning business (you’ve got me beat, no doubt) and I had a few other small business (lawn care, pet sitting, making buttons and selling them at craft shows…haha) at your age.

The biggest trick I’ve learned is to make sure your marketing material is as top notch as possible, and perfect your phone speech. Hire a designer for the marketing material (it’s cheaper than you think. $50 for a door hanger is what I pay.) and practice your phone speech over and over. The folks you’re talking to will have no idea the age you are, and since you’ve already made a professional impression they usually don’t care once they see you…although eyebrows do raise.

From what you’ve typed above, you sound professional already…that’s going to be your biggest asset. Just act professional! it’s completely unexpected for someone your age, and it really blows away your customers. This goes for any business.

11 may be a bit too young to be doing residential stuff with ladders and all that but its worth a shot, and as mentioned above your expenses are NILL so your profit margin can be much higher/or you can charge much less. I see no reason why you couldn’t get into storefront work.

PM me if you’ve got any questions, or shoot me an email sometime… taylon@skybrightcleaning.com

Good luck!