Just Starting business

Lets say I am going to opn doors to a new window cleaning business this spring.

What is the most cost effective way for me to start picking up work?

Cold calling #1, nothing even comes close. All you need is $15 for business cards, guts, and fire in your belly.

I would say fliers or door hangers any day

Door to door can be effective, but it is not easy and most will quit after the first 50 rejections. Time is a non renewable resource and I can’t justify it. (however door to door may work better with trying to build a route of storefront)

I value my time and try to optimize. Create a flier or door hanger and pass out 1000 of them. They do not need to be fancy or even full color. The layout and offer are the key. (look for the massive amount of tips in these forums or check out my blog)

I would take half of what I made on these fliers/door hangers and go bigger. Always optimizing.

Next thing we know we are mailing 250,000 pieces (if we so desire to)

I have no doubt that a company can start today and have 500 customers in their first year doing this.

Most don’t have the discipline

Sometimes when you grow too fast you run into problems too.

Get really nice business cards and go door to door for business store fronts.
For residential, flyer neighborhoods you want to work in. I like a flyer that is half a piece of 8.5 by 11 paper best. It is easier for the prospect to keep around.
After you get a customer market their neighbors again.

That is not something I see very often

It is almost a “fear success” subliminal message. First get the success then figure it out from there. We can always slow things down to adapt once we get there.

Go to the top double glazing sales companys in town. Clean their stores for free & give them a ton of business cards. The stipulation is every sale or estimate they make, you get your business card clipped on to the order with your “we recommend” business card.
Well it worked for me! The rules may have changed some.

Residential- Fliers/Postcards
Commercial- Cold calling

T-shirts from a t-shirt cannon!

No, I’d have to say cold calling with aggressive follow-ups. By aggressive I mean that you may need to follow up every other week for 3 months… That’s for commercial of course.

I’d have to guess fliers and referrals would be best for residential. A phone book ad may be beneficial in some areas… but could be a big waste of money in others.

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I would have to ditto that.
Getting a website too is a must in my opinion as well.

[FONT=Verdana]Homestead.com for a cheap do it yourself web site. They have nice templates that are very easy to use. Cost you about $50 a year.[COLOR=black][/COLOR][/FONT]


I didn’t realise there was such a thing :eek:

Thanks CFP,
Funny video.
WCR, perhaps the most imformative and entertaining window cleaning forum on the net. LOL :smiley:

This will be the most difficult time in the history of your business. But I am so glad I started mine! So don’t get discouraged. Patience and persistence Are going to be required in abundance.

If you are going into the residential part of window cleaning I would recommend windowcleaningbusinesscoach.com. Kevin seems to have a lot of great ideas. It would solve cash flow difficulties since you get the check as soon as the job is complete and the market is very large.

Good Luck!

For residential try door knockers and post cards. Also advertising in H.O.A.s proved to be a good way of generating new business.

Repeat and referal are the best way to get business. So ask for referals and remind your old customers you are standing by ready to serve them with post cards.

We have a seperate set of business cards that we pass out as we’re doing insides of office buildings. Basically 'you’ve just had your windows cleaned by…'
We point out that they will be treated as a [B]repeat customer[/B] if they use us for their home. We tell them they also qualify for VIP/repeat customer discounts.

You don’t really have to give a discount, but it still gives them 'warm fuzzies.'
And they already have trust in your company, just by your being there. :slight_smile:

Chris Good topic that everyone would have an opinion. I started with storefront flyers taped to the front door of the business. then a selected neighborhood in which 5 mins after I finished I got a call from a lady who wanted an estimate I got the job and she insisted I be her guest at the B.N I group she was in I joined. Which put me in touch with a much stronger group that you had to be pledged or recommended by an existing member I got in there and things really opened up. But if your town has multiple BNI groups you can go to each one as a "guest " and do a 2 minute commercial to a group of 10-40 people and hand out your cards and most importantly get theirs if you go to 6-10 of these you now have alot of contacts to work. Send a letter to them commenting on what they do or what you remember at the meeting and say remember me ? and throw in some cards so they can refer to you for window cleaning.etc So don’t under estimate the power of a networking group testing the waters city tour:D MHO