Just take a guess how long of a pole do you think i would need for this job

The top 3 windows. I hace a pole that is 38" with gooseneck. I’m thinking of just getting on a painters ladder to make up for the distance if need be. Have any of you dont this in the past? I figure if I have a spotter it would mitigate most risk.

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This pic shows it best

Looks like you would need a 50 foot pole for those top 3.

Wow! Could you imagine the flex in a 50’ pole while trying to keep the squeegee on the glass? That would be tricky trying to use a super system and pushing up and over to do those arches.

I would prolly use the 40’ladder to get on the roof and pole from the sides, or see if that ledge would hold my fat arse to walk out.

Have you considered a Lift?

Just get a lift for the day and get nose-to-glass. The results will be much better and it will make it a lot easier to get those higher windows on the side and to get on the roof, too.

This is a WFP question.

Sounds unsafe either way.

I’d probably walk the ledge:) with a saftey line of course.

Either way i gotta figure out how to do it. I’m going to do the hard to reach windows as a community service type thing. And then i’m just gonna run my system to give them some water to finish up the rest. In turn I get to clean a Palace, good press, community service, and dont break my back to hard for free but, still help out in a good way. They cant use ANY chemicals on the palace. I was using the WFP on a resi job and the president of the Iolani palace was there. Said she didnt want to waste my time cause they are non-profit, but i want to clean those windows.

Go for it! I have done several jobs in trade for using the pictures and the endorsement in my advertising.

Hard to reach windows?

Do you have to clean the windows on the corners also? Lot of work for free. All the other are on balcony’s, that would be a sweet job to have (if you were getting paid). I’d make sure to take lots of pics while working, put on your website.

I wonder how those ledges would turn out if you’re not right up there with them. They look so wide might be hard to rinse if you can’t see. Maybe they would let you access them from the inside.

Good luck, take pics and post them here. Bragging rights, tell everyone it’s Buckingham Palace:D