Just to introduce myself

I am Window cleaning resources official pure water expert.

In 1990, I started drilling artesian wells and installing home water filtration systems. I moved to a company in 1998 that designs and builds RO/DI systems. I have built systems as small as small as .5 gpm to as large as 60+ gpm. I am also a Massachusetts licensed plumber. Most of the problems window cleaners run across I dealt with everyday. If any one has any questions or problems feel free to call me 781-883-3107 or e-mail me at Bill@windowcleaner.com thanks.

Looking forward to meeting you in ATL Bill. By the way, do Artesians complain when drilled?:smiley:

Thanks Bill. I might be calling you soon.

So if I am in need of an Artesian Well drilled at my house you are who I would call at WCR??? :slight_smile:

Mike I’m your man.

Did you ever strike oil?

I so want to take this to the Fridge. :smiley:

Bill really does know his stuff when it comes to pure water.

I’d like to know if you guys have any deterioration of membranes or adverse effects on making pure water by the addition of fluoride to your public drinking supply. We have carbon block filters as a pre-filter for our RO units for chlorine, does this work the same for you over there? I always found it strange that you get flouride added to your water supply through the pretense of tooth decay - do you also add chlorine at a later stage down the line?

never hit oil, but I ran the same drilling rig.

I have never seen any adverse effects removing fluoride with RO membrine. Most city’s and states don’t use chlorine any more. They now use chloramine it is much more stable and does not dissipate from the water before it reaches consumers much like chlorine will. It can be removed by treating the water with superchlorination (sodium hypochlorite bleach or pool sanitizer) I haven’t seen any problems with RO membrines so far.

I apologize for a hijacking here, but Tony, great to hear you are going to Atlanta! We’ll have to set a date to meet up and talk without all this typing. This hunt and peck is killing Me!!:smiley:


Sounds good to me Charlie. Who you bringing w/ you?

less chit-chat and lets get those DIY RO/DI system plans ready … NOW!


They are ready now!!

Anyone that wants to build an official full Ro/Di system for about a grand… Drop us a line. We are 100% ready to go.

Ok man, count me in, but I have some conditions :slight_smile:

Seriously, I will make one definitely, but my idea is to start gathering materials as I get some money since I have to be realistic that i cannot afford all at once.

You should release the plans and make a thread so we collectively can solve problems and probably improve it based on the experience from those who will be building it first.

just my opinion.

good to see you back here Chris.

Erik McDonald, one of my top guy’s.

I entered him in the contest to go up against me. I told him if he beat’s me, I’ll get him something Good!!! :smiley:


Like a raise?:smiley:

Good Call Tony!! I’ll put an 8 ft ladder on his truck!! :smiley:


Im sure I will have a thing or two you can put in his truck. :smiley:

You can put it in my van after Charlie pays for it!:wink: