Just wanted to say Hello, new to WCRA

Just wanted to introduce my self. My name is Keith Benando, and I have a small family run window cleaning company in metro Detroit. The company is made up of my dad, brother, and myself. I am also a full time firefighter in a small community outside of Detroit Michigan. On my off days I work in the window cleaning company, my dad is going to be retiring from the company soon, and I will be running it. I am looking to make it grow. I really enjoy the window cleaning industry, and look forward to learning a lot about marketing. I think it’s time to take our company to the next level, so that is why I joined the WCRA. Always looking to learn from others in the business. One area I am trying to learn more about is marketing. We have never really marketed ourselves, been word of mouth for years. Currently I am creating a website, which I hope to have up soon. Look forward to using the forum , and meeting other window cleaners. Thanks

Welcome Keith. This a great place to learn about marketing your business.

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Welcome - there’s some real knowledgeable people here who know marketing inside & out, so you’re in the right place! :slight_smile:


Welcome Keith, let us know how we can help.



Welcome Keith! You are in great hands here in many levels.

If you need anything from us don’t hesitate to reach out!

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