Just wondering if it's possible?

Hey guys… just wondering how many of you here do 100% just residential cleaning? I am doing my best to stay like this… just wondering how many have been successful before me?? From what I have read on here it seems like most are into a little of everything… thanks

we do 99.99% residential and have been for 30 years!

We’ve gone from a mix of storefront/residential to almost exclusively residential. It’s been a good move for us.

I do 99.9999999999999% Residential…

I am 99% residential.
What is your definition of success? I define success as progressively realizing worthy goal. By that definition I am successful. My goal may be different than yours or somebody else. But as long as you have a definite goal, a belief that you will achieve it, and are actively taking steps to realize your goal, you are a successful person. I believe that money follows success not the other way around.
Chris has a multi-million dollar window cleaning business, but I don’t think that’s what makes him successful, he had to be successful BEFORE he grew All County to the size he has, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to do it, right?

I am about 60(com)- 40 (res). I would love to be doing 100% res. But with winter coming res will slow way down. Commercial work is good to keep busy with these lovely midwest winters :eek:

My main reason for keeping commercial route is also the winter. I turn away so much residential work it makes me sick. I could easily do 100% residential. The residential customers are very loyal and appreciate a job well done.

I started with residential only and have stayed with residential only the whole time. The only commercial I do is a one story house that is used as an office and I also clean the owners home windows. Came as a package deal.

I’m in TX so the off season is pretty short. I also provide gutter cleaning, so with that and the window jobs I do get help get me through Jan & Feb. Plus, I put a few K away each year for backup funds. Never have had to dip into it yet, but this year with the down economy it may be the first.

If your deal flow is that heavy, why not jack up the prices, feast on expensive residential for 40 weeks a year, and make the same money as now? And you’ll get 12 weeks off/yr.

If you’ve got the deal flow, jump on that train.

Or…hire someone to care for all this extra residential, and skim off the top.

And still take the winter off.

I do about 50/30/10, Resi/storefront comm/low-mid rise commercial and institutional. As you may have guessed, most of the income comes from the resi’s. Although the reason I do low to mid-rise commercial, is because that when you get these jobs, they usually pay really well. Some guys that are strictly residential won’t do them because of the height and insurance. The high-rise folks won’t touch them because there isn’t enough $$ in it for them, and they are not set up like a high rise. If memory serves me right, some buildings under 5 stories are not required to have systems set in place to assist rope work window cleaning. Therefore the wc’s must use a manlift or very large aldders. Neither of which bother me a bit, nor my guys, so we do the low-mid rise and make really good money at it.

Thanks guys… that is good to hear that it can be done… I am 100% residential right now and would like to stay that way… they pay really good, on the spot, and usually cash… I found with the few store fronts I was doing I was always chasing the money as much as I was doing the windows… sometimes for two or three months worth… I am near Detroit MI so of course we have bad winters, but I am still confident that I can pull enough income from the other 3 seasons to spend the winter at home with the family or on vacation some place warmer… I am not at that point yet but I am pretty sure it can be done. I am not looking to make millions… just a nice living, and personally I find doing windows very relaxing compared to my last job. other than being a pro golfer or being the oil man for the swedish bikini team, doing res windows is the next best thing…lol

I do 99% residential and my commercial accounts are well priced too.
I’m looking to do the same thing and chase some commercial work, not store fronts, unless you can buy a “good” route. I’m too busy right now to start building a route from scratch.

I’m in TX too and as said before the winter is really mild … this will be my first winter, but the slow down suffered in July-Ausgust taught me that I need to have some work writting on paper that ensures me some income no matter what ( I know that’s relative )

Hey John, Glad to see you’re still making a go at window cleaning.

I’m around 80% resi, 10% storefront and 10% low rise commercial. I’m probably going to drop all storefront after the new year. Residential pays better for less effort in my opinion. Route work can be great if you’re in a good area with not too many lowballers.

Like you, I am looking to build enough resi work to take it easy (easier) in the winter. I’ll always have to work at something. I’m just a worker and couldn’t stand sitting at home doing nothing.

Good luck this winter, friend. :slight_smile:

I am 98% res for the last 25 years. Winters can be fun to say the least but don’t give and you will make it happen. good luck to you.