Keep pure water Holding tank from freezing

I’ve got a tank and pump in the bed of my truck. I have a cap on the truck so it’s secure. Would a space heater plugged in every night in the back of the truck work good or is that an insane waste of money? What are my alternatives so that my tank and pump don’t freeze and break? I live in Tennessee so 10-30 Fahrenheit is about as bad as it gets but it’s enough I’m sure to freeze and ruin equipment.

Install a 1” bulkhead near the bottom of the tank. Install a 1000 watt water heater element in the bulkhead. Wire the element to a thermostat to keep your pure water around 50°.

Get a thick blanket or some reflective bubble wrap insulation to keep the radiant heat contained to the tank, pump, reel, and whatever else might freeze.

Alternatively, you might be able to wire your wfp pump to a timer circuit to recirculate the warm water through all your hoses and back to the tank for 5 minutes every hour or something like that, to keep everything defrosted. I think they actually sell some pump controllers in the UK market that have a built in defrost feature.

@ace22286 I’ve used a space heater in my trailer for years, enough to keep it about 50-60F. A few times I forgot and it never damaged the pump, and it gets damn cold in WY.

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I bring in my DI tank in , Drain my 50 gallon tank , use a compressor to blow the water out of the pump. Been doing it that way for 5 winters now since I switched to a tank/ pump system. . Same pump no problems still running good.

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@Majestic66 Mike you refilling that tank with a single malt scotch to winterize it after draining?

Great idea :bulb: little something something to help those winter route days :tumbler_glass:

i do 2 things:

250 gallon tank in e250 cargo van
i run a small eletric fan heater to warm and circulate air
i run a camplux propane water heater circulated to heat the tank water to around 130 f. that heat will keep dissipating into the van to things good.
we work down to about -12c.
in the morning i run the propane heater again to bring the water temp back up.