Kevin Dubrosky at the 2014 Window Cleaning Convention!

We are pleased to announce that marketing consultant Kevin Dubrosky, author of “Why Everything You Think You Know Is Totally Wrong”, “$600/hr”, and “The Whale Vomit Method”, will be giving the Saturday headline address at the 2014 Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Convention and Trade Show at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN!

“Killing Monsters and Slaying Dragons: Defanging 6 Huge Lies That Threaten To Kill Your Business”
Break through the six most dangerous self-limiting lies to achieve the success you’re looking for. WARNING: Most of these monsters and dragons don’t look dangerous! Don’t be fooled. They will KILL your business if you don’t kill them first.

Don’t miss this powerhouse discussion that will make you think and prompt you to ACT to improve your business immediately.

Indeed. I’m a comin’.

Excellent news.

If you have the chance to attend this convention…Make sure you go!!!

The main reason I attended the New Orleans convention 2 years ago was to meet Kevin Dubrosky. He completely changed my thinking. I learned so much from him. The night after he spoke, I called my fiance’ with all these business ideas running through my head. My business would not be where it is today without Kevin!

I’m sure my fiance’ will have a few hundred questions for [MENTION=112]panelessperfection[/MENTION] lol

She’s the brains, I’m the brawn

Seen Kevin speak twice. One of my favorite people to listen give a presentation. Sorry I will me this in Nashville.

Man wish I could make Nashville! I love the way the wheels turn in Kevin’s [MENTION=112]panelessperfection[/MENTION] head…!

Looking forward to this. Met Kevin a few years back when we were first getting started. A very down to earth person with the ability to get your mind spinning and drive your business to a new level.

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Kevin told me he is going to pull out all the stops on this presentation.

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Oh cool

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The audacious goal: deliver the most powerful, inspiring, riveting, practical presentation I’ve ever given.