Kevins Book FOR FREE!

Our promo until December 15th is a copy of Kevins amazing book. Any body that spends in excess of $249 gets a FREE copy on us.



heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy !!

My WFP Starter package doesn’t qualify ???

so where do you buy the book at if you want the book right now?
looks interesting…

with the exception of the Bible, no book ever written has such potential to impact a life…any life…any lives…as kevins book.

But the book does require…to be read.

Not looked over, not collected…read. Studied. Put down. Picked back up and read again.

Sadly…the book contains what most here need but do not want. . . .


looks great read the first two pages online…

I was being serious … $549 doesn’t qualify ? :frowning:

Ordered my Supplies yesterday and cant wait to get my coupon to get my free Book !!:smiley:


I put a certificate in the mail to you yesterday. So you should have it by Saturday. :wink:

You da MAN !


Received my coupon for the book today.
Thanks a lot, I’ll fax it to Kevin tomorrow … I’m excited

Cool…I’ve got the books if you’ve got the coupons!

Send 'em in

I did try to fax it to the number in the coupon 416-924-**** and an answering machine picked up and I just hang up.

Didn’t wanted to bother you late in the evening, I’ll try tomorrow during the day

thanks Kev and WCR

Don’t hang up, just let it go, and it’ll come thru…don’t worry about it!

Received my free copy yesterday … thanks Kevin and Chris/Alex.
I’m gonna get it started tonight.

Cool. Enjoy…[SIZE=“1”](and you’re welcome!)[/SIZE]

Just started reading this book for the third time.

Brilliant. Scary kinda good.

Mine is bent, dog eared and has a broken spine…but still has the best info for marketing inside.

I just finished mine for the first time last night. Great read!

“A picture is worth a thousand dollars” on page 47 is my favorite subheading in the whole book

Just a reminder this is the last week for this very special promotion.

Spend 250 dollars and it is free. Must be another way American English differs from English English. Free means no financial comitment doesn’t it?