Keyword selection

I’ll try to keep this short, been doing a lot of keyword research but I’ve heard different things about it. #1 I’ve heard when just starting a site to choose keywords with low competition and relatively low search volume. is this a good tactic or is there a certain guideline i should implement? something that also confuses me about that is local monthly search. (is local monthly search your local area or the entire country?) #2 when i type the keyword “window cleaning missoula” (Missoula is the city i service) the results are no (–) volume in the google keywords tool. #3 If there’s any SEO tactics anyone can share with me i would be very greatful.

Does anyone live in “Missoula?”

Long term would be using your biggest city with the words window cleaning. SEO a different page for the not so big towns. Make sense?

What’s great about keyword research is its the foundation of everything so first of all kudos for doing.

The search engines know when someone in Missoula types in “window cleaning service” that that search needs someone in Missoula not someone in Denver Colorado. Google Local has gotten pretty clever over the years with searcher intent. From what you saw no one in Missoula types in anything other than the service they want because Google knows that person is in Missoula.

Is the competition fierce in Missoula?

I took a peek in Google and saw there were 3 business in the local listing - I hope you’re one of them!:smiley:

You do know that Google will be retiring the google keyword tool in a few days - then you’ll have to use the adwords keyword finder - even if you don’t want to advertise, you will need to have an adwords account to access the search results.

Global means in the whole world. Local means in your country.

The important pieces are your local Google listing (used to be Google Places but we all know we’re talking about the local results) and how well your site is optimized for your local. Your address being on every page. Using a local phone number etc.

Optimize for your locality and your services and you should be fine.

If the competition is one-up on you then you must work to catch up.

Any questions just let me know.