Does anybody know if it’s okay to offer kickbacks? or does anyone currently do this?
i have a large property management company i do some work for. i am interested in doing a lot more! i certainly don’t have access to their client list. i was thinking of sending the prop mgmt company contact an email with a special off season offer…asking them to pass it along to their clients. but i’d like to throw in a little something extra for the prop mgmt group. i was thinking about 5% kickback on jobs scheduled. you know paying them $20 on a $400 job is nothing to me.
help me out here!

Perhapos the term “(graduated) referral fee” rather than “kickback” would be in order for any discussions.

Many WC’ers offer a rewards or referral program, for instance, to residential customers. Others, involved in a networking group such as BNI or Chamber of Commerce, offer a set % discount and state the benefits.

So, it can work for you.

hmm, well car dealers used to do this and it was known as bird-doggin. They would pay customers to go get them new customers. It fell apart when people found out that their buddy was making some bucks off of them. There is a slight ethics issue, but as long as you are trying to supply people with a truly good service they will benefit from, why not?

Kickback is not what I would call it while sending letters out. Be creative in this offer. I’ll chew on it and get back to this.

ah ha. thanks. if i were blonde i’d say i was having a blonde moment or if i were a senior i’d say it was a senior moment. but i have no excuses. thanks for the shedding light on this. i’ll definitely rework this “proposal”.

If you’re already doing work for this company than chances are good that they like you. Talk to whomever you deal with at the comapny and just ask them to notify their clients with your information. Maybe they will give you access to their client list. Do they deal with any other companies that do what you are doing for them?
Kickbacks make you seem desperate, IMO a bad idea.

Yeah, this is dangerous ground to tread.

I would recommend speaking directly with the President or CEO or Owner or whatever he’s called, to clear it with him.

Done under the table, this could reek rotten when its discovered.

Be open and upfront with the big dogs.

Additional idea: Perhaps a ‘box-seat’ for the prop. mgmt company for an upcoming sporting event, if certain results are reached?

Doesn’t the property mangaement company make money when you do a job anyways. For instance I know we deal with a property management company that we do a lot of Reisdential window cleaning and gutters for. I know that when I send him a quote for a job he marks it up and passes that price on to his clients. I get paid from the property manager when we do a job and he obviously gets paid whatever his price was from the clients.

all good questions. i think i have some answers.

yes i do some work for the company, but there is a lot more i can do. this company is a real estate company and a property management company. they are extremely large, especially for this area. they deal primarily with beachfront properties. now this company has its own in-house maintenance, which means they don’t out source a lot of the work. usually they only call me if they can’t do it themselves. which is great, but i want more!

i am not really doing anything under the table. this offer is available to all the associates. i am going to offer them a referral but to use at their discretion…meaning the company can apply the “fee” or “discount” to work done at their personal residence or give that discount back to the customer.

The way I look at it everybody is looking for the “what’s in it for me” piece. again this is no sweat off my back. it’s quite simple to increase the job by 5-10% to cover this expense.

also yea they most likely already get a piece of the pie as a property mgmt group…but there’s enough for everybody…right?

and as far as a box seat. that’s great. but we have absolutely nothing here to offer unless they want to travel 6 hrs one way.
let me explain. i own two counties that the population totals about 155,000. we barely have high school events…no box seats there! just kidding!

thanks to you all…keep the comments/suggestions coming!

Thats good, thats all I meant, Robin, that the company be in the know, not just the associates.

thanks kevin. i will make sure all the right people know what is going on.