Killer local deals last month

Okay, so I have to brag a little bit about what I found on clearance at Menards. First, an 18’ telescoping pole (4 sections), with an angle adapter/goose neck and it actually has Euro threads (also came with two angled broom heads, as this was packaged as a cobweb duster for ceilings). They were $6.00! Pretty rigid aluminum, but it does have the twist fittings, so somewhere in between consumer grade and professional grade. Should make a decent backup water fed pole up to 2 stories.

Secondly, bamboo rags. These were were in 3 packs for 30 cents so the rags were $0.10 a piece! They don’t seem to be lint free on my first dry run, but maybe after a washing they will be.

Lastly, a poor mans doodle bug for $2.00. These are Grime Boss floor mops with a click connection, but I found a quick and cheap way to adapt them to a tapered handle (a chunk of 3/4" id rubber hose). They aren’t velcro but the type that wraps around and has those push/snag ports on the corners. Haven’t figured out how to get a white scrub to attach yet.

Nice! Always feels good to find deals for stuff you need.

What Adam said ^^^^ !