Kind of unsettling

Walked into a big retail home renovation and tool store today only to see a huge sign saying that they now provide window cleaning, duct cleaning, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning services.

The first thing that popped into my mind was… has COVID really made them so desperate?


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They’re probably acting as a middle person


^right. They’re not sending someone in an orange apron or red vest to go do it.

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I was wondering about what kind of structure they have… so I guess they just sub it out

Maybe it’s been there all along and I just now noticed

they have been offering home services for years, duct cleaning reno’s just depends on who they have in the area. i thought of talking to them here a few years ago.

sears did it too. amazon is starting. google

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Yeah I’m considering it. We have a fair amount of work to keep us busy but if we take on a new hire then they’d have something to do.

I wonder what they pay

sounds like Sears trying to stay in business.

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sears was doing it decades ago, many decades ago.

It’s all fair play, in the world of free enterprise you can turn around get yourself a white label on some great window cleaning solution and resell it online at a substantial markup. I may or may not know someone who’s doing that right now :laughing::joy:

Always try to live in abundance mindset and have faith that there will always be more windows to clean than window cleaners to clean them!

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I looked at a few of those cases. Each time it collapses because customers and contractors don’t find value in the propositions. They want to treat workers like serfs and offer customers rates well below market rates.

Only with the assistance of 21st century technology can we now stock our homes with addicts and illegals. The proposition is familiar - like lead to gold alchemy or that grand perpetual motion machine the middle class lovingly calls the education system.

I would not be so cynical if it were not so amply rewarded. I suppose in a net sum way the product works if it motivated hopeful movements with a cloth.

They should sell more of their House Kits. Those were cool.

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