L5 heater

how many of you use the L5 fluweles shower heater to heat ther water for WFP:o


Is this what you’re talking about? Seems like an interesting idea.

yes thats the one iv bin useing mine for 6 weeks and i woodent go back to cold i use mine with a bypass on my pump,

In the specs it said that batteries were only good for about 40 gals. Do you have yours hard wired some how. How are you overcoming that obstacle?

The model in the link above needs 2 C size batterys for the ignition of the burner. I would think those batterys would last quite a while for just an ignition.

The heater uses propane. The website states it will run for 18 hours on a 20lb propane tank. I would imagine thats running on the lowest setting possible.

I’ve heard that DI water will ruin a pressure washer pump. I wonder if the same is true with this heater?

I have gone through 2 sets of those batteries in my own home in the last 9 years - so that wouldn’t be the main drawback. This forum has the full instructions on how to build & install your own L5 heater. You will have to join up to view.

im sill on my ferst set of bats a prox 1600 L a week , 4 weeks per gas can so it its rufley £1 a day to run

Fuuny to hear how one of the Ionics Thermopure users in the UK says the water freezes on the glass at -9.

What are the benefits of using heated pure water? Is it mainly used in cold temps to prevent the water from freezing or would you use it in mild temps as well? Does it help the water evaporate faster?

Yes, all to the above & also meant to give you a better clean.

I need colder water here in Florida, especially in the summer

yes all year ronwd it and snals trals spiders mess berd muck , and egg . and faster , furst cleans

Hot water slows down the dry time in hot weather ensuring a proper rinse.

It speeds up the dry time in cold weather to reduce the chance of freezing during rinse.

@MikeK Wot he said :smiley:

So would this go inline before your pure water setup, or after the water is filtered?

the heater should go somewhere after the water is filtered since hot water is not good for the resin beads.