Ladder position

Hi all,

Cleaning these large windows, and clearing the gutter.

For the windows, the ladder will go below the window. But for the gutters? Windows are 2.4m wide. The ladder can’t go again at the window or the gutter. Where can I put it?

Thanks in advance.

Oh yes, of course. Go on the roof and do it from there. Eek!

For the gutters, raise the ladder and rest the standoff on the roof.


From the picture, there are no overhanging trees in sight… how much debris do you expect in that tricky section? If very little, could you just shoot water from the side to clear it out? Or use a pole to push debris towards the safe area?

Otherwise just rest the ladder standoff on the roof, like mentioned above.
Or my preference… stop cleaning 2nd floor gutters :wink:


Yeah, that’s my preference too…

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Thanks all,

Yes, I’ll have a go at putting the standoff on the roof-tiles, and make sure it’s not resting on the gutter.


Remove the standoff.
Extend ladder to rest on the gutter itself. (preferably where the gutter nails are attached to roof)
That ladder has plenty of length left to make it to the gutter. Of course you could also not clean 2nd. story gutters.

I think removing the standoff is a bad idea because it helps stabilize the ladder. Resting on the gutter, it can slip.

No standoff on the gutter itself…standoff removed, rails up to the gutter. It’s ok to use a ladder w/o a standoff.
Roofers, painters, gutter guys, wc’ers do it all the time.
He could use the standoff for the glass, then remove it, raise it all of 2 more feet & put it on the gutter mid-window…clean gutters from that point outwards. Doesn’t seem that tricky & it’s not even that high.
That yard is flat as a table with great traction underneath…ladder won’t slide unless he climbs the to the top rung & dances a jig. I definitely would not put that particular standoff on a tile roof tho, unseen, from the ground and not be more nervous than ladder rails on the gutter. jmho.

Stand off on the roof and under the window is the way to go