Ladder Racks

Out of our 10 trucks 6 have ladder racks. All the trucks are Toyota Tacoma’s with System One racks. A month and a half or so ago one of our trucks was totaled in an accident. So of course we replaced it with a brand new Tacoma. Come to find out, System One no longer makes ladder racks for new Tacomas. Some places say that they can modify and retrofit them to fit… We opted against that and went with another brand. The new racks are okay… but in my opinion the System One were the best for us. They are a little pricey but they are safe and sturdy. For you guys that are using extension ladders, what rack systems are you using?

Those that you guys have are sharp.I have “Kargo Master” ladder racks on both my rigs,very sturdy,durable we like them alot!

KargoMaster makes nice sturdy racks. I used one for many years on my Dakota before I move on to a van. I know there is at least one other person on this forum using one too.

I use Yakima crossbars for my shell and Yakima Outdoorsman 300 without the shell: Yakima

Not as sturdy as a welded (or bolted) single unit, but I’ve had no issues to date. I went with Yakima because I already had the 78" wide crossbars, and my truck is not a “standard” size pickup (full size Jeep J20.)

Nice window truck! Pics? I’ve always wanted a Jeep FC-170 as my window truck.

I miss the straps that the System One racks had. They are built in, about 2" wide and were strong as anything. When you strap them down tight, Your ladders don’t budge a bit. Real safe.

I too have a cap on the truck and went with the Thule one. It’s ok, does the job, ladders dont move for anything but I just have this feeling that one day i will look over the cap to find stress cracks all over the cap.

These are the cargo cranks Alex was talking about. These things are so bad ass. Im super bummed they wont fit on Toyotas anymore. It really pained me to have to go back to bungee cords after using these bad boys for 4 years.

Ray what material is your cap made out of? I thought I remember it being almuninum.

You can buy straps like that. Here is one example. I’ve seen others. click over here ---->Rack Mounted Tie Down Straps

Seth have you ever used those?

I have not. I always preferred bungees for strapping down my ladders. Now I have a van with a rack that doesn’t require straps at all. This pic is before I had my van lettered.

Fiber glass. At least I hope so for the $1100 it costs lol. The rack is pretty strong, but I have that big fiber glass ladder on it (which should come off being I don’t use it on all my jobs) and I have never seen it flex or anything. One thing though. When I had the cap installed I wanted it bolted to the bed, when I got it back it was not till the next day I saw it was clamped. I should have brought it back and had it done the way I wanted. But I hate to go back to places when the job should have done correct the first time. I just never go back again. Now the cap has shifted backwards about 1/2 inch and I need to fix it. I’m just never in the mood to unclamp and re-adjust. lol

Weathergard By Knaack MFG. Aluminum and strong. Fits my Astro Vans Nicely. We use Kryptonite steel cables to tie our ladders down. I used to use bungees but they dry rot too quick.


I don’t remember what they’re called but at Wal-Mart you can get big twist tie looking cables. I use them to hold my ladder on w/ no problem. They run about $6 for a set of two. They last about 6 months or so.

I think I’ve seen those at Lowe’s by the bungee cords, tie-downs, and straps.

What determines how long they last? UV, weather, etc.?

I think its a combo of the two- Dry rot and water/weathering. I see those things (Rubber straps with hooks) all over the interstate from semis. I carry alot of ladders on my vans 20’,28’ 12’ step for chandeliers and an occasional 32’. that’s alot of weight for a bungee to secure. If I would rear end someone in traffic, I wouldn’t have to worry about my ladders decapitating someone with steel cables. That’s just me. I’m all about preventing liability.


I think more than anything Larry it’s use that determines how long they last. They more you need to put them on and take them off the quicker it breaks dowmn the outer covering.