Ladder Stand Off

Hello All,

I have been lurking WRC for a couple of months, and last month took the plunge and started to build my window cleaning business. Being located in Ottawa, Canada I am officially launching April 2nd. (I have my first cleaning booked, and am very excited.)
One of the pieces of equipment that I have purchased is a COSCO World’s Greatest Ladder 13’. Unfortunately it does not work with the traditional spring loaded ladder standoffs that I have been able to find at various stores. My question is, what standoffs work with the COSCO World’s Greatest Ladder? And where might I purchase them (in Ottawa or by internet)?

Thanks in advance,

Both Werner and Little Giant offer standoffs for their respective multipurpose ladders; perhaps one would fit.

It has been posted that the Werner QuickClick fits multipurpose ladders.

I am not familiar with any spring loaded standoffs (there are spring loaded leg levelers…)