Ladder stand offs

Never really used em, but i’m thinking of getting one. Any particular brand I should get.? And to those that use them, do you find it more helpful?

I use them and find them very helpful and safe.

I have a Werner 97P ( Werner Ladder Home | Werner US )and Werner Quickclick ( Werner Ladder Home | Werner US )

Thanks Larry, ill pick up both of those today.

The Quickclick is sold at Lowe’s for ~$42. Start with that model.

The 97P is ~$100, but features adjustable arms for 3 widths and 2 depths. I utilize that versatility. The arms also work with the Quickclick.

I love them also. I have two sets of the adjustable ones from jracensteins.
Well worth the investment, and are durable. Also, If you do any gutter work you can use the deep set adjustment and push far enough out from the house at a perfect working level to the gutters. A nice addition are the leg levelers.

So I have never used them. How do they help you? How does it make you ladder easier to use than one without standoffs?
I do use ladder “straddlers” when I am doing gutters and find them a big help. You don’t put any pressure on the gutters and are real easy to set up.

The wide (and in my case, adjustable) footprint increases ladder stability.

The additional offset from the building aids in ergonomics.

A width-adjustable stabilizer such as the 97P allows one to straddle wide windows or architectural features.

quick question … I’ve been looking for something like the 97P, adjustable stabilizer but not brand specific.

Is the 97P universal fit ? or just fit the models mentioned at their website ?


I have hardware installed on Werner 24’ and 28’ (both aluminum) extension ladders. I have one set of adjustable arms that I move between the two ladders dependent upon situation.

I don’t believe it is brand-specific – it is a u-bolt and extruded aluminum clamp. I’ll post photos when I get a chance.

Thanks, I’ll like to see pics.