Ladder Stopper in Stock

Hey all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we now carry the Ladder Stopper.

Keep your eyes peeled for lots new products over the next month.

I just convinced a painter of the safety and utility of the Ladder Stopper when he saw me using it onsite at a CCU last week.

I bought one of these a couple years ago. It’s a must have item!

I have one also. I balked at first because I thought the price was high for such an item. Now that I have it and have used it extensively to protect my customers floors and have watched them smile when I broke it out…it has become invaluable.

I would say if you consider yourself a professional residential window cleaner, a ladder stopper should be an essential part of the road gear.

i love my ladder stopper, its great for a one man show.

I use the ghetto version … a nice rug with rubber backing.
Anti-slip, light weight and cheap :slight_smile:

Cons : interior use only, but customers love it too.

On top of the normal uses, I use mine on tile and wood floors when using only the top piece of my sectional. I also used it once to get to a window over the pergola. Set it on two of the 2X4’s expecting to have to to stop the Stopper with nails, but it stuck just fine without them. Money well spent.

With the Ladder Stopper your weight is being distributed throughout the whole thing, whereas with the rug, only the part where the ladder feet are on top of are getting any pressure.

Now’s your chance to get the real thing! They are pricey, but once you make the purchase and use it, I bet you’ll be happy with it.

oh yeah, my are are peeled don’t you worry

Ladder Stopper no longer available on here?

Or in the US market recently. Prolly liability related.

Yea, I saw that. Only place or places I’ve found is in the UK. I’d like to purchase one…guess I’ll have to get it from the UK

My local shop said the may be available from some of the supply stores in Canada.

I love mine- works great and worth the money. If you can find one, I would definitely try and buy it. It’s a lot cheaper than a new hip.

I still consider sometimes though maybe drilling a couple small holes into it so I can have the option of running a couple of spikes into the ground for extra stability should the situation call for it. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to doing it.

Hey Woody…

How you doing ? I think your idea is a good one, you should do it and it will do you good to be prepared my friend !

Be safe Woody and Yawl…


Modify a safety device with liabilty concerns associated with it? No thanks! I’ll just use the proper tool – a ladder where I can flip the spiked foot down.

I use my Ladder Stoppers when it’s safe, secure, and logical.

Hey Dange, I’m doing well thanks! Hope all is well up North. As soon as I find some free time to go tinker with the thing I’ll get it done.

Hey Larry, while I understand what your saying and I agree that initially ‘modifying a safety device’ does not sound like a smart idea… however, the point of the Ladder Stopper (as you well know) is to stabilize the ladder and stop it from moving unintentionally while you are on it.

So from the perspective of the manufacture- I’m sure they would not want me to modify their device for liability reasons, however from the perspective of the user, anything that increases the device’s safety/usability is a good thing.

Two small holes will not alter or reduce it’s gripping surface significantly nor in my estimation create any undue stress on the device. Putting two spikes down through those holes will in fact increase stability by locking the whole device to the spot you place it on while retaining all the original safety specs.

Just because the manufacture did not think of this, or decided not to include it in the original design- does not necessarily make it dangerous. While there may be a valid reason that I am not aware of that caused the manufacturer to not put holes in it for spikes- I feel, given the simplicity of the overall design and the planned modification- this is a relatively safe bet with little liability (for me) and a potential increase in safety (for me).

Auto manufactures did not put shoulder harnesses in cars for many years…nor did ladder manufacturers put spikes on the bottom of their ladders either. One day, somebody like you or I figured out how to improve an existing product and now we have shoulder restraints, airbags and spike-footed ladders (which mine have as well)…

There are times when the spikes on my ladder are sufficient, and then there are times when the ground feels a bit “off” and I would like to have the Ladder Stopper…but the Ladder Stopper is not always superior to the ladder spikes as I’m sure you know since you have one as well.

By modifying the device- you get the best of both worlds I would think- though I have yet to make the modification, so this is pure speculation at this time.

If you have to anchor the Ladder Stopper, perhaps it’s being used upon a surface for which it was not intended.


To be honest- my Ladder Stopper did not come with a list of surfaces for which it is unsuitable for use.

I use it where I feel it is a safety benefit to me.

If I modify it, this will increase it’s usefulness by expanding it’s ability to be safely used on varying surfaces (some of which are probably considered unsuitable by the manufacturer due to the lack of holes for “grounding spikes”). But again, my Ladder Stopper came with neither instructions or paperwork.

be very careful of rubber if its outside. i used a LADDERMAT last october outside and Whoosh ladder slid out on me. ive since watched a few videos on youtube of various ladder mat type gizmos, its mentioned in that rubber outside is dangerous