Ladder Stopper?

Does anyone on here use a ladder stopper? I work alone 99.9% of the time. I often find myself up on top of a ladder, nobody on the bottom, no place to tie off to, and nobody around. Lately ive been thinking safety bigtime, i have a young family to provide for and do not need a fall to bring my biz or my life to a grinding halt.
Has anyone used or currently use a ladder stopper? ive looked at them in the catalog and have always wondered if they are as good as they seem. i mean it provides a huge contact patch for extra grip on almost any surface. Maybe im being paranoid, but sooner or later something will happen as im trying to reach that one last window that way up there… i know the stopper wont prevent ladder slipping 100%, it wont prevent me from falling…but i want an extra measure of safety…

Get one. You won’t regret it. It’s great for using on marble or wood floors. I’ve used it several times outdoors on flagstone and even a couple of times on low pitched roofs.

If you use a Little Giant or similar ladder you’ll need an extra wide one because of the splayed legs.

I heard there were liability issues in getting the 30" model to our market. Has that changed?

I’d have to check w/ Jeff Klass about that Larry. I know he has one but I’m not sure where he got it.

Two 24" models together work!

Now that you mention it I think that’s what Jeff uses anyway. It seems to me that he bolted them together w/ steel plate.

Thank you for the info guys…especially with the tidbit regarding the use of a little giant too…i never would have bothered to measure those legs…thank you so much.

Works w/o bolts, too. Maybe easier to handle separetely as well.

Good point Larry. Storage would be easier if they were separate.

I have a 17’ Werner multi-purpose ladder (Little Giant knock off) and the Ladder Stopper fits the legs - even though they flare/splay out (there’s not much room to spare, but it fits) – so I’m not sure if you’d need 2 - unless the Little Giant legs flare more??

I have 2 Werner 17-footers and 1 22-foot model. The base on the 22 is wider (as is the 26) than my Ladder Stopper.

Makes sense - thanks for the heads up Larry.

For what its worth, we use tool box shelf liners from Craftsman. We use it inside homes with tile, marble, wood. linoleum. It wont let your extention ladder slip one tiny bit. It rolls up and we keep it in our towel bucket at all times. As for the exteriors, I angle my ladder to the correct angle to prevent slippage. If the ground is muddy or slippery, I flip the ladder shoes so that the teeth part of the shoe digs down to prevent kicking out. For the interiors, the shelf liner also protects the floor from getting scratched/ nicked up. My crews have been doing the shelf liner thing for years. Never had one ladder budge from its spot.


winderwasher>> ive been using those liners too on interior ladder work, they generally work good.

Have you had any issues? [generally!]

I almost bought a Ladder Stopper a couple of years ago. After discussing it on a forum Larry Still turned me on to the bathroom floor mat. Just get a good quality one with nice thick and sticky (good grip) rubber backing. Works great on any interior surface. It also protects the customer’s floor surface. Rolls up and stores easily.

On exterior (if I need extra grip) I just flip the ladder shoes back as already mentioned in this thread.

What a good idea for inside work. Can’t believe I never thought of it.

Lowes sells this big rubber mat with holes in it, like you might find in a restaurant kitchen. It is made so that it can be easily cut into smaller squares. We bought one and cut it into 6 sections and use the squares under our ladders inside. Never had one fraction of an inch of slip with those.