Does anyone get away with doing residential homes without using ladders with adjustable legs? I mainly talking to folks in NW that aren’t in Midwest because its so damn flat there u might not get any issues which is understandable…lol j/k but seriously…

Adjustable legs come in so handy and are literally a life savor in my opinion.

[MENTION=441]BostonMike[/MENTION] claims to have taken the levelers off of his sectional ladders. I don’t quite understand how he does it. I’d love it if he posted some pics/video.

I personally don’t have levelers on anything[I] but[/I] my sectional. I only use my extension ladders for gutter cleaning or the occasional window that’s too tall for the sectional. In those instances, I can usually make up for a slight grade by flipping up one foot and letting the other rest flat. Or else I’ll throw a board or rock under one foot. Not ideal, I know, but in the case of gutter cleaning I always have the standoff resting on the roof, so it’s a lot less likely to slip.

I’m also willing to take a little extra time using the wfp for a difficult window, with supplemental scraping/scrubbing tools, than to try and use my big extension ladder to reach it.

I have a bottom with levelers, but I honestly don’t carry it with me.

It’s been sitting in my garage for a couple/few years, I think…

The only time I ever use them would be on stairs, and that actually hasn’t come up in quite a while.
[knocks on wood, crosses fingers, and other good luck stuff]

My 40 has feet like a bottom piece ladder… but my 48 has swinging bottoms.

  • I used to do the same thing.
    And I’d flip them to dig into the ground, which is similar to what I do with pieces.
    If I get a nasty incline, I use Middle’s for bottoms and dig those baby’s into the ground… leveling things out.

I use sectionals and have never used levelers, I think their somewhere in garage. I always set up on side of window, meaning angled in with top on side jam. That gives you a lot more options to find a level footing. A lot of times I’ll use center sections so the bases really dig into the ground. It’s rare that the height of window sill and ladder are a good fit with sectionals, so i always go to the side

WOW, judging from the above posts not too many guys here are using them… Dude, where I am it’s a life saver… I mean they’re the beast thing since white bread. I LOVE mine. No more looking for rocks or bricks on the job to make up the difference. Levelers ROCK…

Yeah, I’m with Sefan.

I do a lot of angle setups, as well.

I bet a physics student would love to watch us work for a day.
(it would be cool to see the math, of what we do as ‘learned behavior.’)

I DO try to keep in mind, the behavior/feeling I get.
Meaning: find a reason I do what I do.

But it’s sooo hard to explain it, for someone to read.

I bet I could do a (longwinded) video, because I can verbally walk through my moves in training my guys. :confused:

Where you digging in ladder sections in PA?

Very corner of the SE, I wouldn’t call it digging up, More like in the mulch or grass, set the ladder, give a good push /jump on leg you want in a little deeper. The angle and getting one side in deeper usually gets it pretty level. Like J says , its a " learned behavior " some might call it learned misbehavior lol, but once you get used to it it’s pretty quick and safe in my eyes, but i use the WFP about 90% of time any more so I’m a little rusty.

I’m [B]90% ladders[/B] vs WFP and I’m fine with everything you just said…

Dope… Me too. I thought I was lame because of it…

I’m as comfortable on 4 pieces as I am at my desk, right now.
Maybe that’s the reason some are soon to jump to WFP immediacy.

The setup is just too tedious for me.
I use them in two situations…

  1. That nasty move that I don’t mind spending time to get to.
  2. A row of 1000 windows that are all the same, that I will spend all day doing.

It’s not a “speed thing” for the most part.
It’s a lugging hoses back and forth, finding spigots, untangling uncooperative line, etc…

Yes. I understand it’s “better than ladders” for some.

  • but [I][B]I ain’t afraid of heights[/B][/I].

Agreed, yeah I’m lame with the pole because I have, like, zero experience but I can see it’s great for walls of windows and the hard to reach areas…

Dang, you should invest in a more comfortable desk…

I agree with everything you say about the ladders, they never come off my truck and I felt the same way about setting up to use pole. Until a year ago. I put a small tank on truck and can be cleaning in 2 minutes. I’ve only carried my filter 1 time in the last year and that was only to refill my tank on huge job. Check out harbor freight. With a coupon you can get a 15 gallon tank with a pump for 75 bucks. Hooked it to my truck battery to see if I liked that type set up. I loved it and invested in a better pump and a marine battery and some water cans. I lied and prob use the pole 90 % only on high stuff, Sliders and easy stuff to reach I’m faster traditional, but 3 sections of ladders up I think I can save 50% of time easy, including setup. Did 65 d/h yesterday outside in less than 2 hours.

The Piedmont section of the state. Better soil than in the NE where I am. You can’t dig more than 1 inch without hitting rocks :slight_smile:

It’s the landscape , bushes , rocks trees.
I would rather stand outside of a bush with my wfp than fight it with my ladders
Some houses it’s like why even break out the wfp. Other houses it’s like this is wfp for sure.
When it comes to cut-ups. Wfp no matter what
Oh an I’ve never had levelers on my ladders ever.
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There’s a right way and a wrong way to use sectionals. When you’re doing it the right way it’s easy. When you’re doing it the wrong way it can be very difficult. That’s why so many people hate sectionals. You’re right Alex I should make some videos but I’m not ready to face the onslaught of negativity from the critics on YouTube.