Large channels

Is there a trick to getting the edges with a large channel on a pole, I have been doing pole work for years and without wanting to sound conceited I am pretty good at it, I have always used a brass channel (24in is the biggest)and have not had problems with getting the edges , today I tried a long ( 36in) channel and could not get enough pressure on the ends to get a satisfactory finish,

Try more water on the scrubber - flood that window.

Tried that Karl, i even used dish soap for the first time in years to get a bit more glide, It just seems to skip over the 1/4 in or so near the frame

Sounds like a bent window :smiley:
Make sure the handle is directly in the middle of the channel to stop tork. Make sure you’re not riding up the window edge (you can always touch up after even being half inch away). Failing that - get a wagtail :smiley:
I’ve had this with old windows as well, I generally try a softer rubber - a bit difficult with

Try putting the rubber in the 2nd slot. This allows for more variations in the glass. It may take some getting used too.

I tried that once - what a mess.

:DHow far if at all should the rubber in a stick out from the side?
Karl, If you remember, i posted a pic on ACS with a bunch of stuff I bought on E-bay, the are part of that, The 30in scrubber saved me a half day in an 80ft lift this week, best dollar I ever spent:D

No more than quarter inch, I go for an eighth. I also use the clip in one side. If you use the adjustable handle I find these work better than the old screw type.
I remember you buying that stuff - I would of snapped his hand off as well!

I always thought the slots were mainly to be utilised with the docket.

With alot of pole work “traditional” you have to leave some rubber at the edge.Not too much so it rides over on seals etc & not too little where your leaving hang outs & chunkie’s.

I would think channels shouldn’t give you problems there harder then hell to bend and usually do nicely at distributing evenly on the glass. 2nd slot is an option if that’s not working try a new rubber with hardly any pressure.

With newer rubber you rarely have to push hard to achieve good results.

I have used channels exclusively for 18 years. trim them close, very close to the edge of the channel. Also, as previously stated, on pole work, you can move the rubber into the 2nd slot (2nd from the sine) this will remove more water with even less pressure. try these tips before giving up on the channels.

Ditto on the 2nd. slot. If I am poling very high it always goes in the 2nd. slot. But if my pole is only extended 10-15 feet I don’t move it, but almost anything over that I move it to the second slot, makes it alot easier.

Any one use the clips? Do you use one or two? I’ve had the rubber trying to pull out, I find the clip stops it. In the past using two clips gave me problems anyone?

I normally run with 1 clip up to 18" on most channels including anything over that i’ve found 2 clips to be beneficial,especially for poling.

Nowadays…i prefer “Steccone” featherweights i run them totally clip less,i just pinch one end slightly to hold the rubber snug.

Same as Craig, 1 clip up to 18in, 2 clips 18 and above