Large Ferry to Quote - Urgent advice needed!

We were asked to quote this today, specifically the long row of windows that wraps around the boat:

My guess is this work has been done previously with ropes. My thinking is the outdoor level above would allow us to adequately access the windows from above with a water-fed pole.

I’ve only used a tucker pole with no purification system in the past. Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated - specifically in regards to what you would quote/how much time this would take with a WFP and if a WFP would work.

Pure water plus a waterfed pole from a boat in the water.

A nice carbon fiber pole and a light weight portable pure water system could be just the trick.

I would recommend the EZ Pure caddy. Its extremely mobile and light weight. Using a water fed pole in conjunction with a purification system will give you amazing results compared to water fed pole work without any purification.

If these windows have been cleaned relativity recently a wfp wouldn’t take too long or require too much effort.

I dont have much to offer other than being paid handsomely to do a fine job on that vessel. Good Luck to you!

My guess is the windows have a lot of salt buildup on them. For wfp work it might mean really scrubbing the windows with a white pad and then rinsing. I recently did some hard to reach windows by lowering my ploe down from above and it worked great. I was using a Simpole, lightweight and sturdy.

This work great with the Hog Hair Brush on the SimPole
The new modular clamp less that WCR has in Stock.
Would be perfect at only 9 pounds


Phillip Alexander
SimPole Inc
window cleaning 40 years
inventor 30 years
Could do the Job from the dock not in a boat.

New Poles Coming working on 72 foot Cip
Will get it here later this weekend!