Large job pricing

Hi all! Newbie here. I have a large job I’m needing help with a quote on. It’s near the water so it’s covered in stuck on bugs. 12 patio doors 15 geometric windows and 47 casement windows of which 25 are large. This would be an every 6 month job so I’m very interested in winning this bid without cutting my throat in the process. What’s your opinion??

$1050 + tax ??

2nd clean go low if you want idk man up to you :wink:

But don’t discount first clean. I can say I want this done 4x and if you give me a price discount based on that whos to say I won’t just use you once and toss you aside.

I’d be at a couple thou at least. Then again I don’t have the physical ability to do that nonsense so…

You are new and want that job?

I’d rather have 3-4 normal houses. But that’s just me. I would personally pass on it.


Yeah I know it’s a big job especially for a novice but I’m not afraid of hard work or heights :blush:. I have to learn somehow and this one is nice because it’s an air bnb. No one is going to be there on my cleaning days and I can take my time getting them right if I run into an issue. I was thinking about 1,000 - 1,200 was about right so you helped confirm my gut feeling. I appreciate the advice.

Being new I would pass on a four story job. But if I were to do it now with WFP mixed with trad, as first cleans are never as smooth as one would like, I’d be about $1,300 + how many screens get added to that.

(Assuming the sides we can’t see aren’t a logistics issue).

Also, where I am standard window cleaning insurance covers up to 3rd floor, beyond that they sell as “high rise” and charge more so I would tack on a fee that covers the insurance jump.

Roughly $1400