Large Retirement Center

We have a contract to clean the exterior windows on a large retirement center twice/yr. They’re owned by Holiday Retirement and I believe they have over 300 of these (or simialr buildings) acroos the country (and world).
Does anyone here do work for them or cleaned one of these buildings? If you have, please reply, private message or email me.
Here’s a link for the one we clean :
They want a price on pressure washing and I could use some help/advice. Thanks,

Jason We have completed 4 in the last 3 months … Call me and i can help you out … Long time no see… Hope all is well…

Hope you are well. We have two of these retirement living communities in our area which are owned by Holiday Living. How did you get in the door with this account? or were you contacted by the facility? please advise

Two in my area as well, any contact info would be great!

A couple of them around here too … any advice how to get to them will be great !