Largest commercial bid to date

First of all I need to say thank you for all of the information I have gained in the past 2 years from reading these forums. That being said this is my first post. I have spent the past few years growing a residential window cleaning business. I have been offered an oppurtunity to bid on my largest commecial building to date. I feel as though I can handle the building giving that I have a 30 ft. SLX Supelite and a 45ft. tucker pole. Problem is I am not sure how I want to price. It’s an exterior only, and the windows are not in bad shape. I am thinking right around $2000. Now I know you professionals don’t want to give away set prices but, any feedback would be appreciated. In addition to this building I am also bidding the owner’s 15000 sq ft.residence in the morning, which is my specialty so I have more confidence in pricing residential. There are 384 panes of glass. I have attached pictures so you can see what I am looking at. Again - all help is GREATLY appreciated and just this one job could fast track my business. Thanks guys.

Being New York I’m not quite sure what your market is like, probaly more expensive then mine. I also don’t know how many windows are on each floor, price per pane goes up the higher you go. That being said I would put it in the ball park of $1300 plus or minus a couple hundred.

o.k. so the window count per floor goes as follows…1st floor-80
2nd floor-36
3rd floor-80
4th floor-53

I also want to present the property manager with a proper proposal. Any ideas where I could find out what should be included? Or even some templet examples.

Advanced…Howdy I’m Advanced Dange

Actually this is a 2story building…What your saying about the 4th and 2flour would be call spanner glass…

If the pictures you have shown are all the sides of glass on the building, then I could do it in less then 10 hour !

I don’t charge per plate, per floor,per step, per breath,…I would charge it by the hour ! You can charge any where from 100 an hour to 175 an hour ! If you can get the job @ 2000 then you’ll be doing really good !

Once I get the job done, I most likely, on the next cleanings, could be able to do it between 7/8 most likely 8.

Advanced…Welcome to the forum good to have you on board…Advanced Window Cleaning is my business name also !

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Dangerous Dave

Just like you, I’m a resi guy, but I would probably bid that at maybe $4 a pop… bringing it to roughly $1k. Might want to cut a few dollars off just to get into that 15,000 sq/ft home tho

Approximately 97.265% of the time I do that, I eventually regret it.

I usually charge per song I listen to on my iPod during the job. $5/song. Typical 4 min song is pretty good money, but sometimes I get greedy and crank the Blink 182!

If you’re into thrash pop in some DRI… a good amount of their songs are 10 seconds long… you’lll make a KILLING!

I suggest not having YouTube - Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick album version in that case.

I would just like to take a sec. to say that I was able to close on the job in the pics, and the house that came along with it. Looks like ill be enjoying my new w.f.p soon!!! Thank you to those who tried to help!!


BTW, I was born in Poughkeepsie. I remember camping around Lake George.

Great job! What did you price it at?

thats right were im at is Lake George. Its a great place in the summer…Ive been here a few years now and am looking forward to raising my children here. Can anyone tell me why it is i cant read some post? Usualy its the first reply people right. But right now for example i cant see the last one from “simply glass”.

I do many midrise buildings like this. You will be surprised how fast it will go if you have good water hookups. Like Dange I price by the hour. You will be bidding against companies with employees who work by the hour. Commercial is totally different than residential in pricing. Try as best as you can to figure you time and charge accordingly. Walk the building and look for hookups and picture yourself doing the job. This can help you with time

John has his ducks in a row,remarks from a "True Son of Ettore " !


I played mini golf at Lake George. They said it is the oldest course in the US if I recall.
Fond memories of cutting east into Vermont to ski via that town!
Back on the subject, depending on how sure you are of how easily they will clean up, I’d say $2.50 and up for first floor to $6 and up for highest level.

$2,000 would be a good bid and good money. Definatly check to see where your weater hook ups are

Getting the job worked out like a dream. I have the go ahead to do the work basically whenever I get time too. Also I was told to just do it and let him know what I needed. I know that sounds like there could be some grey area as far as will they be willing to pay the money i want. Im not worried about it though, I know $$ isnt a real big isssue to the owner! Ill post some pics of the house that came along with it soon. Same situation…“you seem great, we want you to do the work. Just do the jobs and let me know what I owe ya.” I own a 30 ft slx and a 45 foot tucker. Im getting an ez pure in the next week. So this type of work shouldnt be a problem. I feel like ive learned a tone in the past year or so… That being said bidding commmercal is still new to me so you guys are really helping out. Im enjoying hearing how others have different methods of finding a price. The simple no brainer fact of looking for my water hook ups never even crossed my mind when I stoppped by the building the other day. Ill have to go take another look soon. Thanks for the help guys…any more thoughts would be GREAT!!!

Work the top level first and allow for any drippage to cease before moving to the lower level !

Give a good initial scrub, cover the edges then the field, then re-scrubb and give a good rinse ! After rinsing keep looking back at the finished rinse for any debris or missed crap as your moving down the line, and redo before you get to far down the line.

Even working things by hand you always want to look back your at work while going down the line for any missed crud, drips or slop, seeing things from different angles always helps, and helps develop the eyesight of a cleaner ! It should be SOP…

Good luck and be safe my Cleaner Brother with same name.

David / Advanced Window Cleaning Service, Seattle Washington