Las Vegas- Experienced Cleaner Needed

If you or someone you know is in the Las Vegas area and has at least 6 months experience as a professional window cleaner, we are hiring! Hours per day average 3.5 to 5 hours, ($17-$24 per hour).

$350-$425 weekly minimum depending on experience, or 30% commission, whichever is higher.

Apply here:

Fish Window Cleaning is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are currently focused 100% on commercial route work for locations up to 3 stories. Great for people looking for part time, predominately morning hours.


So I would have to be servicing $1,416.67 or more of work in order for my 30% to be greater than the $425 a week?

I would love to move to Las Vegas to start a window washing career, but I doubt that I would want to take you up on that offer even if I already lived there.

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I don’t honestly know why an employer would offer such a low wage. What kind of person do thy actually think they will attract with a low wage? How does an employer expect that, that person is going to be able to support himself/herself, let alone if they have a family?

I get trying to make profits and all that. But I also see the troubles employers are having trying to get good workers and retain them. Those that pay well and treat their people well, don’t seem to have these issues.

Guys- no need to be rude or condescending. The cleaners work 4-5 hours a day. That’s $20+ an hour guaranteed with opportunity to earn more if they can take more jobs into the day.

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This is how Fish trains future competitors.


Better to try posting on indeed rather than here. Real window cleaners will want more money


Lol. I just need a decent employee to work a few hours a day- nothing more than that. My guys tell me $20($20+) an hour is great in this market, especially since I carry all the liability/insurance and overhead. I appreciate all the feedback though. It helps as I continue to learn and grow in this market.

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Kim if you frequent this forum be prepared to take some flak. But also be prepared to learn a lot. :face_with_head_bandage:

I’ve tried to help bring some understanding regarding our brand here; with some success. :male_detective:


Sounds like a decent part time gig. Maybe you’ll find a student or semi retired individual.

$20 an hour is pretty good in most markets. The trick is finding someone actually willing to do manual labor. Good luck!


Seems like we are always telling new guys with no experience to work part time time get some experience and techniques. So…a guy comes here and offers to give someone some training and part time work and he gets blasted.


That’s good part time cash. Over 400 for 25 hours? That ain’t bad for an employee. Especially an employee who wants to work and just go home.

But I do agree that you will have better luck on indeed. Most forum members here are making/want to make much more.

But some one may know some one for you. Good luck.


So I’m curious all the people that are laughing and leaving comments what do you pay your guys? Here in Vegas I have never seen a company pay more than 20hr and most of the time here its 10-15 max

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You guys don’t do more than 1416 a week in production? That’s less than 300 production a day

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Ugh gross. I can’t imagine being an employee again.


That doesn’t seem like a low wage for a laborer with 6 months experience. Obviously its lessthan you make running your own business but there’s alot more to running a business than just showing up and working the schedule. What are you guys paying your employees?




Similar or less than what he’s offering. Sounds fair to me. Cleaning is the easy part as far as I’m concerned. Running a business on the other hand only some are cut out for. Those that cando both make it far ( or further) I’m this industry. Just wondering what all the nay saying is about?


I am sure there are plenty of people here doing 1416 a week, but for 1416, not 425.

Anyone in your area could advertise to do windows for 30% less than the customers are currently making. Your customers would be seeking them out, and they would still make more than twice what you are offering. Why would anyone want to do all the work for only 30%? Good advertising could replace what you are doing for the 70% cut.

are you making that? you called him pretty hard on it